Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pink Saturday

The Azalia is really starting to bloom with the start of Spring.  I painted the pot blue for contrast and a splash of colour.

Elegant victorian girl enjoying the pink leafy plant of which I have forgotten the name, but never fails to put on a show.  It grows easily from a cutting too.  I pick pieces off and plant it around the garden

Pink cupcakes on my market stall

Pansies are the prettiest, sweetest little flower, with their smiley faces and are quite at home in one of my vintage teacups

One of two Abutilons we have, this is Miller and we also have Abutilon Frazer. They are loved by the honey eaters, who hang from the leaves to taste the sweet honey from the flowers each morning before bathing in the bird bath

I am joining How Sweet the Sound for Happy Pink Saturday today


Love Of Quilts said...

Love the victorian girl with her head of flowers all the flowers were very pretty. Trish

Stylish Settings said...

Hi Jeanetteann
I have just been having a little look through your posts and I spotted the pretty pink vintage tea cup. My Aunt Issy used to have one just like it. So sad that mosts of the tea cups available now are ceramic mugs with some poor tast joke written on it. Bring back the pretty tea cup!!!!