Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October in our Garden with the roses

 Roses,Roses,Roses,I can't get enough of them
Whenever I go out into the garden I alvays take my camera, and today as usual the Roses took centre stage

 This is my absolute favourite and I know not its name, I just know it's so romanticly beautiful
 This is the sweetest little Rose, Cecile Brunner,even its name is pretty

 Cecile up close with the bluest of skies to show it off
 The delicate Rose by our front gate to welcome our guests
 I couldn't resist picking a bunch of my favourite
It smells so nice and its fragrance fills the sitting room, the window is open and the lace curtains waft the breeze through its scent,filling the air with the fresh fragrance of the garden
Have you ever seen such a perfect bud, all ready to bloom in our front garden
I am joining today for a healthy cooking course xx


Anonymous said...

roses to me are just so romantic. love them!

Olivia said...

Wow! you are so blessed to have such pretty blooms this time of year! The soft pinks and whites had me at hello! Thank you for stopping by to comment on my Shabby fluffiness!

Karen said...

What lovely roses!!

CIELO said...

Love your roses.... so very enchanting! Thanks for participating in our Show Off Your Cottage Monday and bringing me here!



balletmama said...

What beautiful roses. Only yesterday I bemoaned on my own blog, the absence of roses in my sub-tropical garden...*sigh*. So pretty.

chateau de fleurs said...

your roses are just gorgeous! thanks for stopping by to say hi! XO Christie