Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas decorating almost complete

I so wanted to decorate in blue,white and silver this year
I even spray painted the green tree white and silver.

I bought some silver and blue angel hair tinsel and little silver baubles
Then painted the gold angel for the top of the tree, silver.

While spray can was in hand, the gold angel from my garden got the silver treatment too.
My hubby said he better not hang around too close or he might get the silver treatment too,

chuckle chuckle


The little musical cherub is too nice white,so she got a reprieve.

All of the blue,white and silver ran out. Soooo, I decided to keep that colour scheme for the sunroom,where we eat Christmas dinner.

I decorated the rest of the house in traditional colours.

Santa and his sled and Rudolf in the hallway.My collection of Myer Christmas bears always come out at this time of year to say hello.

 A simple little wire tree on the coffee table and a tiny angel.

 Friends brought back the little Limoges dish from a recent trip to Paris and I love it.

 I think the lovely decorative red pattern on the cloth was enough without more decorations.

 The mantel was dressed in it's usual swag.

 My collection of Santa's looked fine on the hall table.  Their little legs dangling over the edge

 We have Seven Grandchildren, and their photo's hang in the hallway.  I placed their Christmas baubles with their names and birth year beneath.

 Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Nativity set,which has been around the whole of my married life.

  It brings visitors great joy,as they enter the front door.

Our Grandchildren have always enjoyed rearanging the figures,and have always taken such great care of them.

I hope you are enjoying preparing for the festivities as much as I am xx blessings j

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Blue Teatime

I am having a blue tea today.
I thought it would make a nice change.

 This is my NIKKO set, and I just adore it.  the lovely all over pattern of blue flowers is so fresh

My dear daughter made the delightfully pretty cupcakes

Please join me for a nice big hot mugfull of tea/coffee today.  I usually don't like mugs for tea, but as these are china, the tea does taste quite nice in them, especially if the weather is a little chilly and you can wrap your hands around them.

I am joining Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage today for Teatime Tuesday
Sandi is also having a blue tea today, we must think alike.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Cooking

Finally,I have made a start on Christmas preperations
I decided to start with the fruit mince meat and puddings

 The preperation of all the lovely dried fruits.

 The mixing and delightful smells

Lovely golden organic eggs

My usual little English Cookery book, which contains lovely recipes for Christmas
 including the pud

This recipe makes so much, I had to put some into cloths
as I only have two basins.

Hanging on the kitchen cupboard handles to dry out a little.

The anticipation of  eventually tasting this delightfully rich pudding flamed with brandy and smothered all over with lovely homemade creamy custard.  YUMMY

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Side plates,bread and butter plates, cake plates,or tea plates

I wondered today about these little plates.
I got them all out to make sure I had enough for our fundraising afternoon tea on the 4th December
Then I got to wondering what other people call them
When I was growing up, we called them tea plates.

I have heard them called so many different things over the years,
including,side plates,bread and butter plates and cake plates

I love them all,and like all my china, I can't seem to stop buying them.
When I see them in the op shops or at markets or in second hand shops, I just can't leave them there, if the price is right.  Usually they cost only a few dollars

Even my daughter picks them up for me whenever she sees them.

 Sometimes I get really lucky and have found cups and saucers to match to make a trio

                                                      Like this lovely  Royal Albert.

Have you an obsession about something like this,and what do you call them.  I would really like to know.

Now I think I have plenty for the afternoon tea, as I just opened another cupboard and found another pile after I photographed the above group.

  Well never mind next time.   xxx

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creative Time

Ever since I visited Creative Carmalina's blog, I have rekindled my love of crochet
I cut a square of cotton fabric scrap and crocheted a little border around the edge.

It's not perfect, but hey, I'm having fun, don't you just love to fiddle with bits and pieces,
not knowing how, or what you are actually making. Just making it up as you go along.
                                 Don't you just love to spend some time just playing?

  This is what I have been doing just recently, playing in my sewing room. I love the time I can play quietly in my very own little space

I purchased this sweet little doily at Vinnies for $3, it came with the Semco pattern and stamped with the design.  I crocheted around the edge through the pre existing holes.

 Then embroidered over the stamped design.Not complicated embroidery,just simple stitches a child can do.  Sometimes it's nice not to have to think too hard, just enjoy the simple stuff.

 Our granddaughters like a bit of sparkle , so I painted and decorated this letter K to add to one of their Christmas stocking.  I just glued on some ribbon and a few heart shaped stick on diamente's.
I will be making more of these in their initials.

                                        Remember the frame I made from my lace doily stash

Well I thought the frame needed a little bling, so I managed to find these little stick on
diamente's at Cheap as Chips for $3 a sheet,
 I think they add that little bit of sparkle that I love.

The finished little doilies.

What have you been making in your very own space lately?
Time for a nice cup of tea, why don't you join me. xx

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The freshness of Summer produce

Freshly picked lemons all lovely and yellow and plump,straight from my dear daughters tree.
 So many we have to juice and cut them up to preserve in salt to use all year round until next years harvest.  Delicious preserved lemon sliced onto fish.
One of the nicest things about coming into summer is the bountiful harvest of fresh Summer fruits

I picked the first of the Strawberries today.  Served for breakfast ontop of crunchy cornflakes
and topped with luscious plain thick yoghurt, yum
 Fresh picked greens,to put in a stirfry or salad

It all makes me feel healthy and happy.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Time and Market Day

 Today I had tea with my embroidery lady friends
We sipped our tea from English china teacups. 
 Tea tastes so beautiful sipped from china teacups.
This is a Royal Albert,Nose Gay

Crown Trent

English Vale


Crown Trent

And the finale ,"Melting Moments" Lovely melt in the mouth

Available from our fundraising Stall
"The Sweetest Things"

Saturday 12th November 10-4pm at Masonic Hall Semaphore Road Semaphore
The second and Fourth Saturdays every monthWe will also have our usual homebaking including our popular biscuits in 6 different flavours plus gluten free
New on the menu is Chocolate Zucchini bread, delish
See you there xx