Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I made a cloche

I have wanted a cloche like I see all around blogland,for so long,
but they are quite expensive.

So I decided to make one,or two.
I had a candle votive and vase just hanging around.

For the top,I thought,why not use what I already had,
like this silver sugar bowl top (I don't know what happened to the bottom)
Probably through it out in a clean up fit/ LOL

I just turned the votive upside down and glued on the lid with super glue

Then did the same with the vase,but
glued on a crystal knob

Not bad hey (although my hubby thinks it looks like a jar)
No accounting for the male taste :)

This one looks pretty in my bedroom,
even if I say so myself :)

I am joining up with my usual linky parties this week
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 They are such fun seeing what others are
doing in blogland,and I get so much inspiration from them.

I was also invited to join Google Plus and not being that great on computer
was a little afraid, until this week, when I actually did it.

One step nearer to being a computer whiz, ha ha, as if that will ever happen

See you at the parties
xx jeanetteann

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quiche and Mango Salad

We have quite a good crop of silver beet and spinach in the veggie patch
So it's Quiche and salad for dinner tonight.

I usually make a nice nutty wholemeal pastry
but you can use whichever is your favourite

I line a quiche dish with the pastry

Then slice up some onions,
I use red ones as they are less acid I find, and sweeter

In a pan,sprinkle some soft brown sugar and a little water
and warm a little

Put in the sliced onions and saute gently until caramelised

Beat 4 eggs with about just under 300mls of cream

Grate some cheeses
I used mostly cheddar with a little parmasen 
but you can use whatever cheeses are your favourite

When the onion is cooled a little, add it to your flan

Add chopped silver beet or spinach (stalks removed)

Then sprinkle with the grated cheese

Pour the egg mixture over

Place in a med to hot oven until set and pastry cooked

Serve with your favourite salad
I used Rocket as the base,
red and yellow capsicums/peppers
tiny halved tomatoes from the garden 
and topped it with cubed mango

This Fasolia,a Greek bean dish
an optional extra

 I posted this recipe previously
but if you would like it again 
Please email me
It's really just home made baked beans, 
but more delicious than the canned kind

I hope you enjoy my little feast
lovely on a hot day hot or cold

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xx jeanetteann

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baking Day and Lunch with Friends

Its lovely when we get a cool day
I get the urge to bake

Olive bread,wholemeal bread
shortbread biscuits and apple cake

Friends are coming for lunch
Table set


We are having iced Cucumber soup
with olive bread and butter

Main course

Boned,seasoned roast leg of lamb on a bed of rocket
served with the meat juices
Roast whole baby beetroot
Roast seasoned aubergines with red onions marinated in red wine vinegar
and soft brown sugar
and Parmesan creamed semolina mash

Triple white chocolate cheesecake
with berries and chocolate sauce

Coffee/tea with chocolates

 Afternoon Tea

Peppermint tea 
with apple cake and cream
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

3rd blog anniversary Give Away WINNERS ARE

                                                    Time to draw the winning entries for my

                                                                 3rd Blogaversary Give Away

                                                               Happy  Australia Day

First Prize
Handmade by me
pair of heirloom pillow cases

The winner is

Maria  ( The Next Stage )

Second prize
My first published book

The winner is

Susie ( Little Susie Homemaker)

3rd prize

handmade by me
needle book

The winner is

Chloe ( L'Heure Bleue Home )

Congratulations to all the winners
Please email me with your name and address
and I will post your prize ASAP
I hope you like my little gifts to you

Thank you to all those who left such sweet comments
I so appreciate you all
xx jeanetteann

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Planning and Polishing

I decided to move more,apart from a good walk everyday

Last week I cleaned all the windows over two days
I used to do it in one day,but hey,I'm getting a little old to half kill myself LOL

Now the other day while on Pinterest I discovered a mixture to polish furniture, the cheap and environmentally safe way
You know me,my book states that I am really into anything that saves money, time and is 
good for the environment.

 I cannot remember who to give this credit too,so if it's your recipe, please let me know and I 
will credit you

Just mix equal parts vinegar and canola oil in a jar and shake
I added a few drops of lavender oil too, which doesn't state this on the recipe

That's it,so easy and boy was it easier than polishing with paste.

I must also try this on furniture that I chalk paint,but I haven't as yet

Table and hutch cleared ready,
dishes washed and dried

All put back onto a beautifully polished hutch
It came up so nice, I got carried away and did all the kitchen
cabinets as well (I said I needed to move a bit more)
they are black wood and came up lovely too

The table and chairs just soaked up the polish
it was very dry.

I picked a little bunch of roses from the garden
It was going to be 42 c the next day so planned to rest all day,

but that's me,all or nothing.LOL

I plan to get into the rest of the furniture next week
See you then
Happy Polishing

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Still time to enter my give away drawn on Australia day 26th January

xx jeanetteann

Thursday, January 17, 2013

vintage babywear

I so love baby wear,which is why I make it,
but today I want to show you some of my Vintage collection
of baby wear

When my children were born many years ago
we used to love to put them into white cotton
For sleeping they wore long cotton nighties that tied with a sash
It was wrapped around the back and then brought around to the front to tie
so they didn't lie on a knot.
While I didn't keep any from those days
These are some very old ones I have collected
including a  bonnet
Bonnets were always worn in the home to protect from draughts

This little smocked dress is over 100 years old
The fabric is Viella
not readily available today
It is a very fine wool
If you do find it,it will be extremely expensive
I use twill which is a mixed fibre and similar to look at

This handmade Christening Gown is also over 100 years old
and is exquisite. I so love it

The lace is pure cotton and the fabric voile
It is so soft and would have been very comfortable for a new baby

These are some roses I dried,they don't always turn out as nice as this
I love the colour

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