Monday, May 21, 2018

Sewing,Gardening,Rocky and cake decorating

Hi everyone. Hope you had a lovely weekend as I did. I have finally found the time to get back into regular blogging. I so miss it.
I have been so busy in my sewing room. I have been trying to create a nice little stock of little smocked dresses and rompers.
It is my first love,creating these pretties. I must show you a few pics of what I've made. If anyone would like to see how I make them, please comment and let me know and I'll post a tutorial on the process.

I really love my garden too and try to spend a few hours a week out there weather permitting.
It was Mothers day here a few weeks ago and apart from some lovely gifts of flowers and plants and lovely smellies, I received $30in Bunnings vouchers and along with $20 voucher my hubby had left from his birthday, I had a lovely time shopping for some more winter flowers for the garden.
One of my favourites is Violas and pansies. Love their little smiley faces and they love the cooler weather. My pots are all full now so can't wait for them to spread their little heads and feet.
I also bought a new Rosemary bush as my last one became pot bound and I had to break the pot to get it out. I might add it died. I planted this one into the garden so it can spread its little roots as far as it likes.

Our little doggy Rocky is now 11 years old and becoming more and more clingy. I can't move without he is behind me or up on my lap. I wouldn't have him any other way though,he' gorgeous.

I have been busy also with lots of birthdays the last couple of months. It seems to be I'm the family cake maker. Sooooo I try with my friend to come up with different ideas each time. We get together on Mondays and play with icing and such.
"These are a few we made recently

 Well that's all I have for now, So pleased to be back. Happy blogging and have a nice week.
xx jeanette ann. Hope to visit you all soon.

Marzipan fruit


Kim said...

What a treat to visit your lovely place today, Jeanette. Your smocked dresses and rompers are beyond beautiful. So much gorgeous detail has gone into these pretties. I too think Violas and Pansies have the sweetest faces and they are so happy to grow anywhere. Love how they multiply. AND...she bakes amazing cakes as well. Everything displayed looks utterly delicious! Visiting your place today, has brought a smile to my day.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful and charming post, dear Jeanette. The dresses are oh-so-precious and lovely. And your garden...simply stunning!

Hugs to you!

Julie D said...

I love your dresses, Jeanette. I used to smock about 20 years ago. It would be great if you could share a video about how you make your dresses. It would inspire me and get me smocking again. Thanks

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Wow, love your smocked outfits. You certainly are talented!! Nice garden too. Plus your desserts look delish.

Alessandra said...

You are very talented,the dresses are so charming. The cakes and Your garden are amazing

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

You are so talented! Your smocked dresses are just gorgeous and your cake decorating very nice. Two thinks I am all thumbs at! Nancy