Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New look for old picture

This picture was the one in one of my previous posts Corner cabinet redo
After painting the furniture in the sun room all white,
the picture of my hubbies beloved Scottish mountains and highland cattle
was too dark.

So I wanted to do something to lighten it up without damaging the picture

I painted the frame white and had the picture remounted with
a blue grey surround,which is a little lighter than it appears here.

We are so happy with the lighter look
I think the actual picture shows up better too.

Sorry about the glare,couldn't get the pic without it.

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x jeanetteann

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Veggie Heaven

I think I am in Veggie Heaven,when I go out into the garden
and find my efforts have been rewarded with a basket full of goodness

Today is a little cooler and I went out to pick a few cherry toms
An hour and a half later and 2 large tub fulls of rubbish ( I cleared away all the dead bits)

I came in with all of this.

Cucumbers, beans,tomatoes,basil,silver beet and banana capsicum

Now,what to do with it all 
I hate putting it into the fridge,
so I sliced up the beans and tossed them into the frypan
with a few halved cherry tomatoes, a few basil leaves and some olive oil 
and stir fried them just a little so they were still crispy.

Then I made a lovely wholemeal quiche with the silver beet
I caramelise some sliced red onions with brown sugar,a little oil and butter
Spread them over the pastry case.
Sprinkle over some grated cheese and pile on the silver beet
Whisk together 4 eggs and a good dollop of plain yoghurt,or
if you want to indulge,cream and pour over the silver beet
Top with some more cheese
Pop into a moderate oven on a baking tray (to crisp the bottom)
until golden and set

I made a nice salad for lunch out of what was left of the veggies


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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wreaths and cushion project

 I got back into the sewing room this weekend after a long day 
last week making curtains and ice packs for my sons treatment room
at the football club.
I must say I enjoyed the praise I received from him for my efforts
But you know, there's nothing like making the pretties instead,

especially when it's something like the little heart cushion

And a wreath for my bedroom
I used the little rosettes and pearl buttons given to me by a dear blogger friend Doni
from Faith Grace and Crafts
I received them as a give away gift from Doni
along with lots more pretties.

I just tore strips of satin lining I had in my stash
and tied them around an old embroidery hoop
along with some tea dyed torn curtain fabric.

Kerry Lee,my daughter gave me a plain wreath to cover for her
This is her favourite flower and more to her taste than the above.

She loved it,and has it on her front door.

I just tied on some scraps of Hessian (burlap) I had left from a previous project

A little floral vignette of bottles in the Sun room
The beautiful blue faceted bottle was a steal at $2
I love the way the light shines through them.

The roses are from my front garden and smell so lovely

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Happy Week
xx jeanetteann

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New look for an old urn and Summer garden

We bought this urn new many years ago,but whatever we planted into it
never grew. I think it must have been something in the cement it is made of.
It has sat in a corner of the garden for ages unused.

Then the other day I thought of turning into a bird bath,or little water feature
Sooooo I decided to mosaic it

When I checked out the cost of cement,grout and mosaic tiles I nearly fainted
Then I found a huge bag of glass flat pebbles for $17
I thought maybe they would look ok
I forgot to take a picture before but remembered half way through

You can see how bad the pot is,I had previously painted it

Getting there, It is quite therapeutic,sitting in the shade of the garden
gradually seeing it take shape.

Finished, I can't find where,but I think it has a small leak:(
I really can't see how it can,there is so much cement and grout on it.

A little look at the garden to warm my Northern hemisphere friends

The veggie patch is doing well this year

My organic cucumbers would definitely be rejected by Coles
as they aren't perfectly straight :)

Green beans gone mad

The front garden 

We have 3 older roses out here which do quite well
2 yrs ago we added 2 more in between,but they have never grown much,
so we moved them to pots in the back garden and they have just shot up,
I think they got a little hot out front and not so much water,and yet the older ones
were fine. 

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 xx jeanetteann 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sun room valance

Last week I painted the Sun room cabinet as you know
and hubby the stereo cabinet,white
Well then I got hooked with the white
and made this little ruffle for over the windows

I had bought a double bed white sheet for $3 from the charity shop
and chopped it up to make the ruffle.
I added some lace from my stash and I think it turned out lovely

The next thing is to replace the covers on the chairs and some fresh cushions

The couch needs a matching throw too,I haven't photographed the couch here
But it has a pink and blue quilt on it,not really what I want here

I also made my Granddaughters 16th birthday cake

I haven't really got very good at writing in icing yet,so left off the wording
I did try it on other cakes previously but didn't like the look
Jessica really liked it.

At the same time I got to baking some of our favourites to stock the freezer
That is if they get there :)

Tea Cake

Vegetable Bake
This recipe is in my book
But if you don't need the book and want the recipe 
Please email me and I'll give it to you.

My twist on ordinary coleslaw
I add sliced red onions to the finely chopped Chinese cabbage
and grated carrot, chopped celery,olives and dressing

Hope you enjoy your weekend

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jeanetteann xx