Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Garden in the heat

Well Summer is finally taken hold 34c today. The garden is a picture and I've deheaded,snipped and tidied. Planted petunias and some lovely little mauve ground covers,forgot the name already. I can never remember names. As long as they are pretty it doesn't matter.
Our son put shade cloth over the pergola which I was hoping not, but the climbing roses haven't covered it as much as I would have liked by now. The Summers are so hot I think the roses will welcome the respite. The hollyhocks were really tall this year stretching about 10ft up and blooming like mad. I had to pull out a few as they were shading other flowers too much. I hate pulling out anything even when it looks like it's dying. I always feel it may come to life again.

We planted mixed cornflowers this year and they said on the label they grow to 60cms but they are at leas 70. They are pretty though.
The Hydrangeas are just beautiful and doing so well, pinks through to mauve.
I bought some new roses this year too, Jane McGrath,Red Cross and a Graham Thomas which will be a small climber, oh and a Blue Moon climber, all doing well so far.

The veggie patch has produced well over Winter with broccoli,peas,lettuce being the best.
I'm trying corn this Summer which seems to be growing well and also capsicum, green beans (which always do well here) peas,lettuce,baby squash,cherry tomatoes and Bounty tomatoes which I have planted in pots this year as I don't have a huge veggie garden. In Winter I tried the new Winter tomato plant,but it turned black all up the stems so I pulled them all out. I was frightened to plant the Summer ones in the ground in case the same thing happened. They say you shouldn't plant the same plant in the same place in the following years otherwise it carries on the deseases. Oh and all the herbs are doing well.

I kept the seed heads from last years Sun Flowers and they are all up and starting to flower.

It looks like we are getting a cool change coming through thank goodness. It well be a welcome relief
for the garden. I lost a few seedlings on the weekend even though I tried to keep them moist. I should have waited for the cooler day to plant. I can never wait to get them in when I bring them home.

I am having so much trouble posting since I got this Ipad in place of my laptop. 

If anyone can help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. The pictures and writing jump all over the place while i'm writing and it is so time consuming and annoying.

I had better stop now before I throw this thing out the window. Ha Ha .I will try and visit some of my favourite blogs if this thing permits chiou for now jeanette ann 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

More holiday photo's, garden and more

The entrance to our home.
With the weather over Spring having been quite wet, the flowers are so pretty. We don't usually get this weather in November, it's usually quite warm.

Today is a lovely 29c,finally getting Spring


 I love blue and white china,and this plate was chipped, I couldn't throw it away so I stuck it to this flower pot. I like bits of china around the garden don't you?

The window boxes on the appartments in Paris were stunning.

As were the lovely balconies

Who could visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower all twinkling at night

This beautiful flower shop was a sight to behold

The Hotel we stayed at in Paris was art deco and the pictures on the wall were gorgeous

The Arc De Triumph It was lovely to pal up with two of the nicest Canadian ladies

This was an amazing childrens shop,very expensive though.

More pics of our gorgeous hotel in Paris. So spoiled.

Wonderful service and food on the cruise down the Rhine
passing through gorgeous little villages in Germany. 
My favourite was Cochem and Bernkastel,where there was time to browse the quaint narrow streets and wonder at the amazing houses leaning on one another. 

This little house in the little street behind the one at the front is the oldest in Germany,love it

The Castle in Germany was out of this world,loved it