Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tea for one and Sunday lunch for four

Sometimes it's nice to just set a tray and sit quietly enjoying peace and quiet.
Today I did just that, I played all day with dishes and ended up cleaning out numerous drawers.
I even organized my winter jumpers.  They were scattered in different places during Summer. 
Now they are all in one spot,freshly folded ready for Winter.

Now back to my tea tray. I am sipping on cinnamon and orange tea
made in my lovely little Sadler teapot.

The tray cloth and napkin was a thrift find many years ago,and just washes up as good as new each time it gets used, which is often. The napkin slides into the large flower on the left.

One of my most favourite china teacups

Friends are coming for lunch on Sunday
I wanted to include pink for Pink Saturday with Beverly,as I haven't visited for a while.
I made the napkin holders and pink napkins

I wanted to use a mix of china,and because it had a silver border,
I wanted some silver chargers.
I couldn't find any anywhere,so I purchased 4 white plastic one's with green flowers around the edge.
I just sprayed them silver. I think they look quite nice.

I am using my late mothers Noritake  set.  My brother bought it back from Vietnam in the 60's when he served in the Australian army there. I think it is so pretty.

Depression glass rose bowl
and pink French white wine glasses

I have teamed some of my Bridal dinner set to compliment the Noritake,as it didn't come with bowls or bread and butter plates
I am constantly on the look out for more pieces in this pattern.

I managed to find the salt and pepper shakers in Vinnies for $4

Pink depression glass candle holders

Thrift find vegetable dish

We all drink tea rather than coffee after lunch
We are having English Breakfast tea with cheese and fruit

I love the little fruit plates I found while on a recent hunt

xx jeanetteann

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blue Day.

Today we are having blue for our table settings, as I have had some 
really good thrifty finds in blue

For dinner we are having fish.  I bought these fish knives and forks
from Ebay, a couple of years ago, a set of 6 of each plus 2 sets of coffee spoons, $6.50
I know it wasn't enough to pay,
but the same thing has happened to me when I have listed on Ebay
It's the chance you take. 
The plates are only a set of 2 dinner and 2 bread and butter plates
They belonged to my DIL's mother.

I have had these blue stemmed glasses for about 40yrs
Do you remember glassware parties,(like Tupperware)?
Well I bought them at one of those.  I bought 8 at $1.60 each
I didn't have much money at the time and thought it was a fortune
Am I glad now though.

Smiley little pansies.
I love yellow with blue
The maiden hair fern is growing wild in our garden

I made these white fabric roses and attached them to a circle of cotton fabric
then slipped them over my  plain, white, china napkin rings.
I always make them removable, so I can change whenever I want a different look.

They even look nice in a silver bowl

I'm using my vintage damask table cloth, I bought last year in
the charity shop for only a few dollars.

This is the stamp on the plates

This weeks thrifty find
vintage tablecloth  only $1 and had never been used
until today for our morning tea and lunch.

For lunch we are having  a green rocket salad, picked fresh 
from our garden with lentil rissoles.

I don't fry the rissoles in lots of oil, I just spray the pan with oil

I serve them with yoghurt,cucumber dip.
I just chop up a little cucumber and sprinkle with ground garlic
Then mix it with some natural yoghurt.
This is lovely with potato mash too.

For morning tea, honey/oat biscuits and mint,ginger tea
of cause it has to be in pretty china cups.

Happy Week xx Jeanetteann

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good use of space in the laundry room

We have quite a reasonable size laundry room,
even though it's a walk through to the bathroom and sun room.
From the kitchen

We have this wine rack,which we had no more use for ,
as we have one built into the dining room fireplace.
So we utilise it in an unused space by the bathroom door.
I just filled it with useful baskets to hold an assortment of things.

One corner of the room was just a waste of space and for years has really annoyed me.
So I designed this pantry and had it built in. It means now I have more cupboard space in
the kitchen for my growing collection of china.

The door we had made so that it folds right back,so it feels more like a walk in pantry
We had an electrical socket put into it for the microwave.  This frees up some of the kitchen bench.

The door folds right back allowing easy access.

More storage around the washing machine and trough.
As we have a 1910 villa, there was not enough storage and no linen cupboard.
This fixed that problem. The long cupboard on the left is now the linen cupboard,
and the one behind the door houses brooms and vacuum cleaner.

We can also fit in a small freezer.

After 17 years in this house,we are finally getting it the way we want.
He He, we certainly don't hurry.  :)

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Milk and another thrifty find

After all the chocolate and Easter food over the weekend
all I wanted today was a nice cold glass of milk and biscuits. mmmm

You know I was also thinking about how much our milk has changed.
With all the talk these days about health and diet, we always drink low fat or light milk.

What seems like, not too long ago,milk came delivered on the door step in bottles ,like the ones I bought recently in the charity shop.

The milk had a few inches of cream sitting on top,which was lovely on our morning bowl of porridge.
Children received a free 1/3 pint of milk for recess at school.

There was only one type of milk, cows milk.
Now there's soy,rice,low fat,full cream U2, long life,high calcium,goats,the list goes on.
Confused? mmm I am,
 just give me a glass of milk,
 just milk.

The bottles had silver tops, which we collected all year. 
At Christmas time we threaded them onto long pieces of cotton, alternating with a cotton ball.
We draped them all over the Christmas tree. 
It looked so nice and all the children got involved making them.

I wonder what kind goes into our chocolate?

My thrift find for this week
This lovely embroidered table mat.
It is embroidered with this lovely cottage garden on both ends
and crocheted around the edge, which I forgot to photograph :)
I think it is so pretty, and cost only $2
I seem to be getting a lot of $2 finds lately. lucky me.

I hope you all had a lovely blessed Easter weekend.
xx jeanetteann

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taking tea in the sun room & my thrifty finds this week

We are taking tea in the sun room today

Roses from the garden

The day is beautiful,the sun a lovely, not too hot 25 c
The scent from the freshly cut roses,mmmm lovely

I am using my fine china tea and coffee cups.

The little coffee cup is a Johnson Bros, England

An English Windsor
Don't you just love the delicate pale lemon with the flowers
I especially love the shape of the saucer.

The Rose bouquet is lovely with the mixture of colours.
It is called Nosegay, by Royal Albert, England

We are having lemon biscuits served from my Grandma's lovely glass cake stand
It was handed down to my late mother and then to me.

Thrifty Finds

I had such a nice day looking around my favourite charity shop.
I found these lovely English pint milk bottles in lovely condition.
I had dried some Statis from the garden, 
so displayed it in the bottles, until I get more fresh blooms in the garden 

They even have the Dairy they were from stamped on them.

I just love them to bits. I couldn't believe my luck
and they were only $2 each

This nice little terracotta tray and pots was only $2
I am going to plant little herbs in them and label
with some French images.

I hope you enjoy a lovely week

x jeanetteann

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