Friday, June 21, 2013

Prettying up a dresser and keeping warm with home baking

My glasses dresser isn't the prettiest inside
So I decided to cover the back
First emptying the glasses out

Then gathering together my supplies.
I didn't want to do anything permanent in case I didn't like it'
So I used double sided tape and wrapping paper

I'm not sure it's the look I wanted but can live with it for a while
until I find the paper that is more pleasing

It's nicer than it was though

I'll keep searching Pinterest for more ideas

Now I also had these old nest of tables
I forgot to take a picture before,but they were polished woood
I have 3 but still use the small one for now,so didn't want to change that
I put the other two in my sewing room
but first painted them the same blue as the walls.
The large table has glass on top
(actually they all did,but hubby broke the middle table piece)
I lifted the glass and cut a piece of pretty wrapping paper to fit
Replaced the glass and presto,a new look

I think I might put a piece of lace on top when I tire of this
I usually put doilies under the glass,but a piece of lace to fit might looker nicer.

For the moment I'm ok with the look.

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Keep warm my Aussie friends
and enjoy the lovely sun shine in the Northern hemisphere.
To keep warm today this is what I did

Baking to stay warm. Nothing like fresh smell of baking in a warm
kitchen on a Winters day

Carob biscuits

Hot baked bread and apple pie
and for afters, carob sponge cakes

xx jeanetteann

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A change around for my blue ware

We finally got the repainting done after the mess
of salt damp coursing and plastering
So it was a good chance to have a good change around

The Blue china is one of my largest collections and takes up
a lot of space in the dining and kitchen area, but I love the look

I decided to add some cottage ware to the blue and white in the hutch

The little lacy pots break up the look
and I quite like the change

The top shelf holds the milk vignette
The ice cream tin was actually one I've had for about 40 yrs
Yes ice cream did come in tins once.

Cupboards and shelves above the sink units,got a make over too.

So did the mantle in the dining area

The glassware dresser has a little blue too.
I keep paper napkins in this little willow box

Shelves over the phone shelf

With all the cleaning and change around done I headed for 
the garden to see if there were any roses blooming,even though
it's Winter

I found a few sweet blooms for Fresh cut Friday linky party

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and if you are driving
take extra care.
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I'm off now to try and get Bloglovin to work
Haven't had any luck so far as bloglovin haven't sent me a link?

xx jeanetteann