Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing/craft/reading room

I spend a lot of time in this room,so I like it to be nice.

I collect little things that make me happy but also that are useful.

I really like the look of crochet hooks in a little jug, which I can carry to the sitting room easily when crocheting in there.

The little scissor holder was given to me by friends,they brought it back from England on their last trip. It is so sweet and made of pewter.

I so love little clocks, I can never have enough and I'm always on the look out for them.  I got this one in an auction lot for only a few dollars.

I have been busy making pillow cases for my Etsy shop, they are trimmed with vintage lace

The lace hanging in the corner is a vintage bridal train. I have been going to make something from it for ages,but can't bring myself to put the scissors into it.

I bought this little crystal mushroom lamp for only a couple of dollars,as it is missing its crystal mushroom shade.  I have been contemplating how to make a shade for it.  I have no idea at the moment.

  Ideas from anyone out there will be gratefully accepted,its such a pretty little lamp.
I have tried finding something that will clip onto the globe,but nothing is smaller enough.

A collection of my Christening Gowns,and nighties.

There's nothing like plenty of storage. 

 How do we collect so much stuff and still have to go out and buy more.

I keep moving my teddies and dolls so that I can sit on the couch,but they keep coming back.
I've threatened them with eviction if they don't behave.  I have already put some of the teddies into early hibernation.:)

UFO's everywhere, quilts especially.  I love baskets for storage on the floor.

Remember this little cupboard in a previous post.
I was going to throw it out,but instead tissied it up with paint and a crystal knob handle

Well I have changed it again after discovering chalk paint.
I first heard about chalk paint from my USA blogger friends,but I didn't think I could get it here.
Although it is a different brand,I was quite pleased with it.
I just painted it over the blue,then sanded it back a little ,to give it a shabby look.
Then I sprayed it with varnish. I then printed off the Pears picture and attached it to the door.

Now I am really pleased with the result. I still have to find a new piece of timber for the top,as the pink laminex was almost impossible to remove.

I moved the dolls from the shelf.
I sprayed these little terracotta flower pots with white paint
Then glued on some nice words and sealed them right over the whole pot.
A little strip of Hessian and a silk rose and I love the look 

                              Nightdress case,made from vintage lace,ready for my Etsy shop.

Well, I had better go and start dinner, how the time flies when your'e having fun.

I Hope you are having fun too
xx jeanetteann

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Garden in Autumn

 With the weather being so unusually warm for this time of year, Autumn,the garden and birdlife is confused.
The leaves on the trees are not turning to gold and falling.
The birds are still coming into the garden to drink and bathe in the cool water of the birdbath.  I fill this from our rainwater tank. I'm sure the birds appreciate water without fluoride.

 This lovely black an white bird which I have forgotten the name,( It's like a small Magpie)comes here every day with its mate.
She is sitting in the Asian Bell tree drying off after her bath.  Her mate is still in the bath.

 I had to take these photo's through the glass,so as not to scare them away. 

One in the bath and the other drying off.

 The trees and flowers are still blooming.  This Tree Burgonia,never stops,along with the one on the opposite side of this part of the garden.

I am sorry about the  quality of this picture, I took it through the glass of the sun room, so that I didn't frighten the birds.

 I love statues in the garden,but having such a small space have to limit to a few.

 The Arbour in the background has supplied us with green beans for the whole of summer and still giving us a few each day.

 You can see sweet peas starting to climb up towards the purple pot below. It's so early for these to come up. Very strange behaviour.

 The  white Hibiscus is taking over from the other four. along the back fence.

He is waiting patiently for his mate to dry off and join him

I hope you all had a lovely weekend 
x jeanetteann

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I am enjoying our Autumn weather so much, the sun is shining and the garden is blooming and

 I had such a lucky week with my thrifting.

This beautiful hand crocheted edging on a linen doily  Lovely and crisp and white,$2.50 

 A little bit of pink for Pink Saturday
A past thrift find

Tissue box cover which included the new box of tissues $1

 Perfume bottle to add to my collection $3

 I wanted a little book shelf for beside my comfy chair,where I read or crochet in the evening.

I found this one in an auction,which I thought was just the right size. It was already painted white,so all I needed to do was clean it. 

It came in a lot with 2 other items,which I had thought were just awful.  I bid $10 for them with the intention of throwing the other two items away.

 This rusty old table

 I actually like rusty things in the garden, so kept it for now.

 and this old cupboard with the pink laminex top.  I washed it down and sanded it,as I thought ,oh well you never know it might fit somewhere out of site for storage. I hate throwing anything away.

 Well look at me now.  A bit of paint and a light sand for the shabby look, a crystal knob and its taking up little space in the sun room. It has 3 shelves and it is solid wood. 

Not bad for $10 the lot.  I think I did very nicely.

In my last post my little baby doll,was in the picture. A few friends asked what brand she was
The words Berj USA is printed on the back of her neck.

Happy week to all my lovely bloggerette friends 
xx jeanetteann

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