Friday, October 14, 2011

'A Moment to Remember

Do you ever look around at your home and garden and realise how many of your treasured possessions were actually given to you from loved ones,friends or family, past or present. While taking a moment today to sit,my mind was quite still.  My eyes wondered around the garden from where I was sitting in the sunroom.  Then a little time later, around the house.  This Noritake dinner set was left to me by my late mother,it was a present to her from my brother in 1966 when he came home on RAR from Vietnam where he was serving with the Australian army.

The lamp from dear friends

This too from the same friends

The little bell with its sunflowers from a late dear friend on our anniversary,I think of her whenever my little grandson wants to ring it.

 Beautiful burgundy coloured petunias for my birthday from a friend
An old lamp my hubby used at work many years ago

An angel from the table at a friends daughters wedding

A lovely statue given to us by our elder son and his wife.

Ducks from our daughter and family

Pot hanger from dear friends which they bought on holiday in Queensland

This pot we Christened the pregnant lady,passed on to us by an aunt when they left South Australia 20years ago to move to Victoria.  my aunt handmade it here in South Australia.

The bird bath which lay broken in the back garden of a house our younger son and his family bought.  We salvaged it and my hubby cemented it back together and I mosaiced it.

A shell mobile made by our daughter

 A little candle lamp given to me by one of my embroidery friends
Leadlight angel made by our daughter

Leadlight parrot mobile that once belonged to my sister-in-laws late father

My favourite rose which came from a home our daughter and family once owned

And finally this sweet little fairy rose given to me at Christmas time 5 years ago from one of my homeschooled embroidery students.  This is only some of my treasured treasures.  I would love to see some of your gifty treasures too.  xx


Astara said...

What a lovely topic to share. I myself am quite nostalgic & have many little trinkets & bits & bobs that remind me of a special someone or a special moment in time. Last Saturday I was given a simple rose from my mum. It was a little bud waiting to emerge into a beautfiul flower. I popped it into an old glass milk jug & put it on the kitchen table. Over the past week it did indeed blossom & each time I pass by, which is many times a day, it makes me think of her & how beautiful she is, just like her rose :)

Ana said...

Beautiful treasures indeed Jeanetteann. It is good to surround oneself with items that remind you of all the people you love and who love you. Is like having them around all the time :-) Thank you for sharing...Oh, and thank you for stopping by for a visit. Hope you come and visit again soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,