Sunday, July 10, 2016

My favourite place

 My very favourite place is my sewing room. I just love to get lost in the clutter and jumble of bits and pieces of fabrics and laces.

What to create from such pretty tiny pieces left over from other projects. Usually smocked baby dresses or dolls dresses.

I sit sometimes looking out of the window watching the rain, or at this moment the blustery cold of Winter.

We spent and hour this morning walking Rocky around the river bank watching the occasional dolphin playing. Then after lunch I head straight down to my favourite place to while away a couple of hours.

I visited my fabric supplier on Saturday and came home with another bundle. I only went to get some white fabric for an order. But like all like minded fabric  freaks (umm lovers) I couldn't come home with just one piece of white.

Little bitty pieces don't go to waste. If I haven't a quilt in mind,they go to a good cause, local ladies who make quilts for charity. They are very grateful for the tiniest pieces.

I made a couple of hats out of the left over wool from my Grandsons Cricket jumper too. That's a night time in front of the TV pastime though 

Well back to some more cutting out. Then a nice cup of tea in my favourite cup. I've developed a liking for licorice tea lately. It makes a nice change.

Well I hope you are keeping warm in your part of the World. It is certainly cold way down here.
Take care xx jeanette 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Winter pastimes

Hello all my dear bloggers.
I have been so busy of late and have found it hard to get the time to blog.

Most of my time has been sewing the smocked baby dresses I sell on Ebay,as well as knitting.  I wish I  could knit more slowly. I bought 2 lots of wool from Bendigo woollen mills ( I love the quality of their wool). I had every intention of it lasting me all winter for sitting in front of the fire on cold Winter nights.

I made a jumper with roll collar in blue fleck wool and a sleeveles cardigan in a mineral mixture. I finished them in 4 weeks and Winter had hardly started.

As my hubby said he had enough to last him well into the future and I have too,what could I make to pass the cold nights in front of the telly.

I asked my grand son if he was going to play cricket this year. He said he was so I bought white acrylic yarn from K Mart for $3 a 100 grm ball. The pattern said I needed 11 x 50 grm balls. Soooo I bought 6 at a total of $18. Well I have just finished it in 2 weeks and let me tell you my hands and arms are not fit to knit any more for a while.  Anyway you know the cricket jumper only took 4 and 1/2 balls which cost less than $15. I think this jumper would have cost at least $70 in the shops. I think my grandson will be very pleased. He is now a mans size and the last one I made for him was when he was about 10 yrs old,hes now 21.

Our dear friends have just returned from a Mediteranean cruise. I didn't expect them to buy us a gift,so was very surprised when we received this gorgeous hand made table cloth. It was from  Montenegro. It's looks perfect on our table. My friend said she knew we would love it and couldn't not buy it. Isn't it unusual and I so love lace.

Spent the day today shopping for a pot for our front entrance as we had bought a Parlour palm a few weeks back and it needed a nice pot. We have an excellent local place to buy pots,plants and statues extremely cheap. This one only cost $25 a bargain.

We then got the bug and spent the rest of the day pruning the roses. I think my arms are about to drop off. :)

Time to get back to some blogging now. I have so missed it.

I especially like reading others posts and get so much inspiration to do things in the home and garden.

Have a nice week and stay warm. That is in Australia and cool in the North

I might actually find time to visit some nice linky parties and share tea time.

xx jeanette ann 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Winter is here and garden looking good

With the beautiful Autumn weather we have been having,the garden is quite confused.
As we are in a very dry part of Australia,we conserve water wherever we can. One way is to wash up in a bowl rather than the sink.
We tip the used water onto our pot plants. We have one at our front entrance which gets very hot in the afternoon.
Needless to say I get all sorts of seedlings popping up in the pots. Usually tomato plants. I have always pulled them out and transferred them to the veggie garden,but this time decided what the heck I'll leave them wherever they seed and see what happens.
The result is so unexpected. The pot by the front entrance has Italian tomatoes growing really well

On a recent visit to Bunnings I found tomato plants that were called Winter Bounty and are surposed to fruit through Winter. I'mm quite excited watching them grow and are they growing ? Look at them

 This one below is a cherry one still going from Summer

The minuture lemon tree is called lots of lemons,but I've only had 2 lemons in 5 years but now there is a little cluster on the bush Finally

The herb garden is producing in abundance too

Potatoes,silver beet,broccoli and Pak choy 

Pick as it grows all weather lettuce


This strange looking plant is a Dragon Fruit. My Grandson was doing a course at the Botanic Gardens and gave me a cutting and I just pushed it into a pot not expecting it to grow,but grow it has and now needs support. I'm not sure if I should leave it in the pot or put it in the garden. I believe they can grow quite big,so maybe play safe and leave it.:)

Well I hope you are having a great time watching your garden grow. Happy week
xx jeanette ann
I am going to try and visit as many blogs as I can this week as I have a lot of catching up to do. I've been so busy with sewing lately and have neglected the blog.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Beautiful Autumn

Our beautiful weather has continued well into Autumn. Lovely sunny days around 25c. It couldn't be more perfect.

The  long weekend we spent enjoying every minute of it.

Saturday we took Rocky our little grand doggy to the beach and walked miles from West Beach to Glenelg,quite a long way,but it was gorgeous. We sat in the courtyard of a cafe at Glenelg and had tea and cheese toast. Then walked all the way back. Perfect

And now Autumn has all too soon disappeared and Winter is setting in with cold mornings,warmish days and cold nights.

The garden is still looking pretty,even though we have pruned some untidy bushes back a little

We sat in the garden today and enjoyed some Winter sunshine. We are so blessed.

The rest of the week is going to be quite wet,so the garden will certainly be smiling.

The bulbs are all peeping up and I can't wait to see the jonqils and daffodils.

As soon as they appear I'll write a post and post some pics of them. They speak Spring to me though,not Winter. I think even the flowers are confused with our weather. We are even still getting the odd rose

So until next time Happy week.
jeanette ann xx

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Never ending Summer

Our Summer has gone on forever.  It started at the beginning of Spring in September with high temps and is still going into the high 30 c,s and it's Autumn.

I'm not complaining but we so need rain. The garden is very pretty still,but needs a good drink. It doesn't matter how much we water it's never the same as a good down pour.

The Delphiniums are still holding onto flowers and have been since August last year and the hollyhocks bloom all year.  The Hibiscus keep on blooming too.
The roses have felt the heat,but still give us the odd bloom.
The veggie patch was slow to get going but is still producing a steady supply of green beans,banana capsicums lettuce and herbs

 A Blogger friend wanted to see a close up of the T Cosy I made,so here it is

Well off to do some sewing now. I've been getting so much enjoyment making smocked baby dresses, I just can't stop. They are so sweet.

I will be visiting some linky parties including Simple Nature Decor as soon as I can this week. The links are on my side bar
cheerio for now
Jeanette Ann