Friday, March 9, 2018

Just a few pics

Good Morning dear blogger friends.

Well we are into Autumn now but doesn't feel a bit like it.
Woke up to the weather forcast 35% c whow. Too hot for Autumn hey.

This is the view from our sunroom window. My little reading spot.

The blood plant is climbing up the fushia tree which is in bud again after a little trim.

Another little spot for a quiet cup of my favourite Rooibos tea

And my little sparkly bunny getting ready for Easter.

I have been playing in the sewing room too as it was a little too warm to be out in the garden.
These are a few of what I made.

I sell my little dresses in my Etsy shop

I can't wait to see what you have all been up to
Until next time
Xx jeanette ann 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Summer over

Our Summer seems to have gone on forever this year. Still quite hot and humid even though we just started Autumn,my favourite time of year.
The garden has suffered with the roses not producing as much in their second flush. The first flush was pretty though.
Things I didn't plant have popped up too. I think it's probably the little honey eater who comes every meal time to drink the nectar from the hibiscus every day. He must poop the seeds I think.LOL
We have 4 fruit on the Dragon fruit this year which follows the pretty flowers I showed in my last post

the little yellow 

 flowers are so pretty. I collected the seeds on my morning 
I don't know the name of them as I just scattered the seeds and they come up every year. 
Some come 
out pink and others white.

They open their flowers late afternoon and close them after breakfast.
 They don't like the sun obviously. 

                                      The red plant is so good in the garden. Grows so easily

              The Hydrangeas have been beautiful but have now finished.


This little blue pot near our front door is always so pretty. Pansies in Winter and these petunias in Summer. I always have to stop and admire them before entering the house.

                                            This is my little tea cup bird feeder So love it

                 I love statues in the garden and I am always on the hunt for bargains

               This tomato plant came up from seeds I threw out with the washing up water. They always      do better than the tomato plants I buy.

                                               The blood red plant is growing up the Fushia tree

                                                This pretty native is Little Polly and I have 2

 The pink and yellow Hibiscus actually grow on the same bush and it's my favourite. I took a cutting from it last year and it's now another big bush.

                                     The lovely pink native Hibiscus is another favourite

                                                              Sweet Memories

                                                             The start of Dragon fruit
                                                       And one nearly ripe Yummy

Well if you've made it to the end of my many pics, have a happy week and happy blogging. I'm going to have a browse to some of your blogs to get more inspiration
Xx jeanette ann

Friday, February 23, 2018

I'm back sharing bits and bobs

It's been so long since I have blogged, and I have so missed it.  The reason is that 2 years ago my laptop stopped working. Instead of buying another, I was talked into (by a Telstra person) into buying an ipad.
Well, I have liked the ipad for many things especially the wonderful photographs it takes as well as conveniently small to carry around.  The downside is, whenever I try to write  a blog post,it jumps all over the place and takes me hours and hours to write only one post.
So frustrating,so I had to put blogging on hold for a while.
The good news is that my daughter got my laptop fixed as part of my birthday present back in September last year,but unfortunately I couldn't get it to attach to the internet connection.
I have now decided to call in an expert to see if it can be connected.

Meanwhile I am writing this on my ipad,so won't attempt too many  photo's at this stage as that is the hard part on here.
Just thought I would let you know. I will  also make the time to pay you all a visit as I have so missed all the inspiration I got from the visits.

Most of my time is taken up sewing and embroidering little smocked dresses and rompers. I just love it and completely lose track of time when I get into my sewing room.

My other passion is the garden. It's really becoming quite full. I favour cottage gardens and love when things pop up now and then when I least expect it. Most i haven't planted. The seeds get dropped by the many birds that visit to taste the sweet nectre of the
hibiscus or fuchsia, especially the honey eaters.
My favourite tree is the native hibiscus which has the most beautiful mauve flowers in profusion.

2 years ago,my Grandson gave me a cutting from a Dragon fruit. It took off quite quickly.  Last year
 I got one fruit which was so exciting. Last wee

k to our amazement three of the most beautiful
Flowers appeared. Our Grandson told us that we were so lucky to get a photo because they only last a half hour or so. Such a shame.
This year instead of buying veggie seedlings which don't always produce, I decided to collect my own from what we eat. So far the best tomato plants came from those seeds. Neither of the two plants I bought did very well and only produced half a dozen tomatoes.

My other favourite pastime which I only took up late  last year, is cake decorating. Ive always enjoyed baking and seem to have been nominated to be the family cake maker. My Grandchildren call me Nanny cupcake ha ha ha.
I am enjoying getting together with my friend every Monday to practice the decorating. So far we got an order from my Granddaughters friends mother for two dozen cupcakes. We were so proud of our effort and was praised but the receiver of them, she thought them so pretty and tasted delicious.

I think I had better not take on any more hobbies. I could never fit them in if I did LoL

I'm now going to attempt some photographs but we won't hold our breath as it's getting quite late and if I want to finish this post tonight I had better get started.


Well I think I finally managed a few photo's without it taking hours,but they still jump around. Not sure why so I won't worry too much as I may just have my laptop up and running by next post.

I am now going to visit a few favourite blogs to get more inspiration. Happy blogging
Xx jeanette ann

I will be visiting The Charm of Home, Home Sweet Home  today