Monday, May 21, 2018

Sewing,Gardening,Rocky and cake decorating

Hi everyone. Hope you had a lovely weekend as I did. I have finally found the time to get back into regular blogging. I so miss it.
I have been so busy in my sewing room. I have been trying to create a nice little stock of little smocked dresses and rompers.
It is my first love,creating these pretties. I must show you a few pics of what I've made. If anyone would like to see how I make them, please comment and let me know and I'll post a tutorial on the process.

I really love my garden too and try to spend a few hours a week out there weather permitting.
It was Mothers day here a few weeks ago and apart from some lovely gifts of flowers and plants and lovely smellies, I received $30in Bunnings vouchers and along with $20 voucher my hubby had left from his birthday, I had a lovely time shopping for some more winter flowers for the garden.
One of my favourites is Violas and pansies. Love their little smiley faces and they love the cooler weather. My pots are all full now so can't wait for them to spread their little heads and feet.
I also bought a new Rosemary bush as my last one became pot bound and I had to break the pot to get it out. I might add it died. I planted this one into the garden so it can spread its little roots as far as it likes.

Our little doggy Rocky is now 11 years old and becoming more and more clingy. I can't move without he is behind me or up on my lap. I wouldn't have him any other way though,he' gorgeous.

I have been busy also with lots of birthdays the last couple of months. It seems to be I'm the family cake maker. Sooooo I try with my friend to come up with different ideas each time. We get together on Mondays and play with icing and such.
"These are a few we made recently

 Well that's all I have for now, So pleased to be back. Happy blogging and have a nice week.
xx jeanette ann. Hope to visit you all soon.

Marzipan fruit

Monday, April 2, 2018

Time to tidy the garden

Hi everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break as much as I have.
Good Friday was spent quietly not doing very much,just reflecting on what Easter time is meant to Christians the World over.

We visited  a lovely garden open day on Saturday,Sophie's Patch. Sophie Thompson is a regular presenter on Gardening Australia and has written many gardening books.
Her lovely home and garden in the Adelaide hills is open to the public for charity in Autumn and Spring. Her co presenter Costa did a talk on growing ones own food. It really gave us inspiration to get out into the garden,which we did on Sunday before the family came to dinner.

 We cut back and cleared out a lot of leaves and debris from under the plants,moved things around and planned what we would like to grow and where. A really productive day.We also planted veggie seeds and picked a beauitful dragon fruit which we cut up into a fruit salad, that was,after we all tasted its sweetness first. My Grandson was so pleased to get first taste as he was the one who gave me the small cutting that started me on the journey to grow this amazing fruit.


Sophie's Patch 
This bedstead is growing a mass of succulents 

 A talk from Costa.
The pile of pumpkins were grown by Sophie a year ago and kept in her cellar.

A wonderful tree house

In my last post I mistakenly named a tree on our morning walk as wattle in bloom. One of my dear blogger friends couldn't understand how Wattle was blooming in Autumn as it usually blooms in Spring. Do we ever stop learning where our gardens are concerned?  The tree in question is actually a flowering gum,which I knew really LOL but why I said Wattle, well who knows (senior moment  ha ha )

Until next time happy gardening and I'll maybe catch up on some linky parties and blogs
Xx jeanette ann
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Easter and little things from my garden

 I bought this lovely Angel many years ago and she has weathered beautifully.
She hangs on a trellis amongst the pretty Boston Ivy. The ivy is just starting to turn into its beautiful Autumn coppery tones. In spring it turns a lovely coppery red.
Two little cherubs watering the rose below

A day of rest today. Good Friday a day to reflect and while away a few hours.
 Happy Easter dear friends

Xx jeanette ann 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pretty china and roses

                    ሮ  ሮሰRoses are one of my favourite flowers,but alas they are nearing the end of their Summer .
But no matter I can still enjoy roses in other forms. On my mismatched china, a pretty pair of rubber gloves or a pretty bowl of silk ones that still bring a pretty pastel, delicate blush to my home.

ስ አረ ኦንር ኦፍ ምይ ፋቭትሄ ሮሰስ አረ ነአርልይ ረአድይ ቶ ረስት። ትሄ ሱን እስ ግራዷልልይ ማክንግ እፅ ዋይ እንቶ አዑቱምን አጥ ላስት። እ አም ሶ ኦቨር ትሄ ሀአት ትህስ የአር። ኦዑር ሮሰስ ሃድ አ ሎቨልይ ፊርስት ፍሉሽ፣ቡት ሃቭኤ ስሎውልይ ድምንስሄድ። በቻዑሰ እ ሎቭኤ ሞስት ትህንግስ ፍሎራል፣እ ጫን ስትልል ፍንድ ፕለአሱረ እን ፍሎወርስ እንስደ። ፕሬትትይ ፍሎራል ቺና ኖ ማትተር ማቺንግ ኦር ኖብርንግስ መ ፕለአሱረ። 

The last of the roses picked and put into a pretty vase 

Silk not a bad substute I think 

Now for a day in the garden cutting back and tidying Happy week end everyone
Xx jeanette ann

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On our morning walk around the river

 I can't believe what we saw on our morning walk round the river today.
Vandals had destroyed some of the lovely trees. Tore them out and dragged them a distance away.
Whatever makes them do such a thing.

We see so many pretty trees and birds on our walks. All the wattle is out in bloom and there were a flutter of beautiful little parrots nesting in them. They unfortunately move to quickly for me to get a photo.

This pretty yellow bush came up in the garden,but we didn't plant it. The birds must have dropped the seeds. It now has lots of little purple berries on it. Not sure what it is.

'Well time to go,have a lovely week. Until next time. Xx jeanette ann 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Just a few pics

Good Morning dear blogger friends.

Well we are into Autumn now but doesn't feel a bit like it.
Woke up to the weather forcast 35% c whow. Too hot for Autumn hey.

This is the view from our sunroom window. My little reading spot.

The blood plant is climbing up the fushia tree which is in bud again after a little trim.

Another little spot for a quiet cup of my favourite Rooibos tea

And my little sparkly bunny getting ready for Easter.

I have been playing in the sewing room too as it was a little too warm to be out in the garden.
These are a few of what I made.

I sell my little dresses in my Etsy shop

I can't wait to see what you have all been up to
Until next time
Xx jeanette ann