Sunday, July 6, 2014

New gorgeous thrifty find and marmalade

I was so thrilled to find this pretty 36 piece dinner set
I couldn't believe the price when I saw it $15 the whole set 

I am sure it has never been used it's so perfect.

It is so lovely for a Spring lunch in the garden, although
I won't be able to wait that long before using it. 

In my last post I talked about the fruit  I cooked ready to turn into marmalade
Well it's all done.
I love the look of freshly made preserves in the kitchen.

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Happy week 
xx jeanetteann

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another productive day

I have such a lot of energy at the moment.
It must be the extra exercise I'm doing. (Zumba)
I just love it. I'm bidding on a DVD on Ebay, so that I can do it at home instead of 
going out to a class at night. I'm not fond of going out at night,especially in Winter.

I also am in love with Isagenix too
A wonderful product to give your body all the goodness it needs and rid it of any toxins.

Annnnnnyways back to my original post :)
I have been baking all day today.
Whole orange and chocolate cake
Boiled fruit cakes
and coconut biscuits. 
I've also peeled and deseeded a pile of mandarines,oranges and lemons
Cut them up,shredded the peel
and they are cooking away ready to be turned into marmade.

I thought yesterday was a productive day getting the veggie garden prepared and planted
with Winter veggies,but today I am really pleased with myself the amount I have achieved
Now rest time,if that's possible for me ;) I can't sit still for too long,unless I'm blogging, sewing or writing. 

Broccoli starting to flower.

What are you cooking up today?

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xx jeanetteann 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Winter roses

I am in awe of my beautiful roses at the moment

They just keep keeping on in all their beautiful splendour

I pick bunches every few days and the house smells beautiful
with their fragrance and even the fallen petals still give off their scent.

I put them in every room,including on my dressing table 

I have been off line for a few weeks while my computer has been in 
getting looked at. Luckily nothing wrong.

I may finally get back to visiting a few of my favourite blogs
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I hope all in Australia are enjoying the fresh rain we have gotten the last couple of days
The garden is smiling,it so needed a good drink.

I'll take some photo's outside tomorrow to post next week.
Until then I hope you are enjoying your garden wherever you may be

xx jeanetteann

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pretty bows thrifty find

                                                  I love bow,on most things, clothing mostly,but 
                                                  I never expected to find them on napkin rings. 

They are so sweet and even better,as I only paid $2.50 for a set of 6

They glisten when clustered in my silver bowl

I added some pretty pink rose buds from the garden
and pink lace edged napkins

I love anything that glistens when the light shines on them

Just like my little swans that look like they're floating on water

The weather here is so beautiful and so unusual for Autumn
My Spring bulbs are already peeping their little heads above the warm soil,
and it is only 3 weeks to Winter. Very strange indeed.
Not complaining though,I would like it in the 20's all year :)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Second flush of pink roses

We are having the most beautiful warm weather for Autumn
The roses are having a second flush after the lovely rain
and now sunshine.

I picked a beautiful bunch from my climber today
The scent is intoxicating

I can't remember what this climber is called,but it hasn't disappointed 

Displayed in a nice cream and pink jug on the dining table

Next to some of my Mothers Day flowers

Carnations also from Mothers Day,so beautiful

Tiny rose buds for the bathroom

Some for the sitting room mantle

Tiny fairy rose buds for the bathroom

I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day
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Enjoy the lovely sunshine wherever you are in the World

xx jeanetteann

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Roses in May

It is raining beautifully outside,in fact it's positively pouring down
Lovely wet rain.
Everything is looking so happy in the garden
I fertilised the roses in February and again in April,
so they are starting to get another flush of blooms

This one is Teasing Georgier  a beautiful climber
This is it's first year and it hasn't disappointed 

The rain was getting very heavy,so I thought I would pick them before they were damaged.

These two came away from their stems so I had to float them

They are so pretty. In Summer the colour turned from this lemon to a lovely russet .

Enjoy May wherever you are in the World,it's such a lovely Month of the year

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xx Jeanetteann

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My new collection of smocked baby dresses

I have been working on a new collection of baby, smocked dresses
These are now available on Ebay  or in my Etsy shop from the 1st May.

 Blue granny print  in cotton

Blue floral in 100% cotton 

Cream with pink roses 100% cotton 

White with pink bows and blue flowers 
cotton blend

Pink with white pin spots
cotton blend

Cream cotton twill with pink smocking and bullion roses 

All hand made and smocked 

I so love making baby clothes like these
What have you been making lately?
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Have a nice week
 xx jeanetteann