Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Autumn finally feels like Autumn

It's nearly winter here in South Aus and we are finally experiencing some real Autumn weather. Summer seemed to go on and on and on and now lovely cool weather.
Our morning walks are so exhilarating.

We are never sure when the best time is to prune out in the garden as the weather is so changeable. Back in May the roses stopped flowering so we pruned them and now some are  in bud again.The Hibiscus are looking beautiful and seem to be enjoying the cooler weather,so won't be pruning them for a while.

Just a few pics of the garden

The Iresine is so beautiful all year. It is climbing up the fuchsia.We just take cuttings from it and plant around other parts of the garden

Hollihocks coming back into bloom
 I bought this sun loving Impatiens so can't wait to see it next Summer if it does survive in the sun as the last one I bought didn't, just have to watch it.

The two double Hibiscus are just too pretty to prune yet. Our big white single had to be pulled out as it was pushing the others over,so we have replaced it with a beautiful single sort of reddy pink with yellow tips but it's too small yet.

See the tomato plants coming up in a cluster. I buried some scraps around the garden and have them coming up all over the place but it's too late for them now. Will have to dig them into the ground I think.

The pansies are a new addition as are the Violas and so pretty

A new bush we planted in a pot to hide the shed a little. I love the soft foliage and it has pretty mauve  flowers too eventually. Its called Strobilanthes Goldfussia.

Rocky all cosy in his new jumper.

Keep warm if you are in my part of the World and enjoy your Summer in the North. I hope all those awful floods we are seeing on the news in USA are going to clear soon and hope everyone stays safe 
xx jeanette ann 

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Alessandra said...

Fairy pics of the colours of autumn. It's nearly summer in Italy! Rocky is adorable