Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A little snippet of where i live.

Hi dear friends. Our morning walk today in the brisk Autumn air was lacking any sunshine.
I still managed to get some nice photos of the river and some really interesting ones of the old flour mill which is home to some interesting Aboriginal art on occassions. I love the old brickwork and rusty iron. It is such a shame when modern slab townhouses get built nearby.


I think this sculptor recognising the Aboriginal people of our area is so keeping with the Heritage.

We passed a group of children sitting on the grass with their teachers enjoying fruit for morning tea.
We quite often see them being taught the history of the area.

These trees are beautiful and give off welcome shade in Summer on the edge of the river with the Birkenhead bridge in the background
The boat in the pic belongs to the Fisheries Dept and is used for training purposes. The building on the right is the Tafe college.
I so love living in this historic area. We can walk around the historic Port or along the river or down to the beach at Semaphore.
Well that's a snippet of where I live. I hope you enjoyed it.
I like to visit your blogs and see where you live in the World.
Blogging makes the World so much smaller so we can share our life with others don't you think
Until next time
xx jeanette ann
Oh and I must add my daughters blog address. She has only just started and is doing so well


Kim said...

You do live in a beautiful area, Jeanette. My daughter and SIL lived in Semaphore for a couple of years. How strange to think that when we visited them you were not far away. I love the aboriginal sculpture. Yes, the blogging world is fun. We get to meet many lovely people that enrich our daily lives.

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Thank you for sharing where you live. Nice pics, it's always interesting to see other places.

Alessandra said...

You live in a such beautiful place. Thanks for sharing with us where You live