Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I am back and it's Summer

Hello lovely bloggers. I am finally here to stay. I have been away a long time because of computer issues. After spending all day clicking and sorting I think I have finally found the issue (that is apart from my computer being quite elderly) hate the word old don't you even for a computer LOL

How hot this Summer is and it's only January, but am I unhappy?  nooooooo not me. I must admit being in air conditioning all day is not my favourite thing,but at least if I rise early enough in the mornings I can head to the beach with Rocky my little pooch. He's getting a little elderly now, hes 12 but if I let him rest in the shallows hes happy. He won't venture further than getting his little pawsies wet and after 12 years I don't think he will any time soon.  We have only had him 5 years, so not sure why water scares him but we try to encourage him a little each day.

I never used to be very fond of succulents in the garden but lately I’ve taken a shine to them. I was given one a gift and fell in love.
I searched the internet to find a pot for it as I decided to put it in the sun room as a start to my collection. I found little Groot on the wish site and think he is so cute with his new hair do
My next purchase was a String of Pearls which was very small but since I have put her into a pot and painted on her face she has grown quite a bit. I’ve named her Pearl.
Another Christmas gift was the Lucky plant which has really grown since Christmas
Now I’m hooked on succulents and indoor plants. On our morning walk I picked up some little cuttings too.

Although the days are very hot, we still manage to keep our cottage garden alive. The hollyhocks have just slowed down but will have another flush I'm sure as they are beautifully resilient. We have planted some native Hibiscus which are really fast growing. So pleased as the back fence looked a little tired after we removed the huge white one which really got far too big and was pushing over the fence.

Yesterday I decided to tie down the climbing rose (Graham Thomas) a lovely David Austin yellow beauty. To do so I had to move an old tea pot hanging over the arbour, boy did that tea pot get dropped quick smart. There was a wasp nest including momma wasp inside and did she let me have it. Wammm on my wrist she left her sting. After much ouching and hollowing hubby came to the rescue and removed the nest and squashed it. Today momma and popa wasp are not happy circling and looking inside that tea pot for their nest. I feel aweful but they are pests and not good to have around.  They attack the little birds taking a drink from the bird bath.

This beauty is Moondrop hibiscus which is one of our new ones which only grows to 1.5mtrs and I think shes so pretty

Red Cross rose

Nasturtium's getting near the end of their bloom

Well until next time Happy blogging,see you very soon
I will, I promise, get to visit many of you
xx jeanette ann 


Kim said...

How lovely to visit your lovely place and garden, Jeanette. My goodness your garden doesn't look like it is sweltering in that stinking hot weather one bit. Your Hollyhocks are amazing!! And that Hibiscus....just stunning. I never liked succulents but I am now converted, too. They are such happy little plants and always look pretty in the most horrible of weather. Your little Rocky is very sweet. What a lucky gal you are to slip down to the beach in the early mornings and dip your tippy toes in the water. It must be beautiful. Hope you enjoy a fabulous week♥

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Thank you Kim
I think we are so lucky here in Australia although we do get extreme heat, it’s nothing compared to what the Northern neighbours are experiencing with the ice,floods and hail. Although having said that,our eastern states are in trouble too God bless them
Take care
Jeanette ann