Monday, May 28, 2018

Tutorial 2 how to smock baby wave

I'm sure after reading my last post you will now have completed your first row of smocking, being a cable row. I will now attempt to show you how to complete your smocking piece with a sweet little baby wave. This is ideal for embroidering baby dresses.

Starting in the centre of your pleats as before take your needle into the left pleat as you did on the cable row leaving half of your thread to complete the left hand side of smocking. Complete an up cable.

Keeping your thread above the needle push your needle through the next pleat but on the row below. Keeping the thread below the needle complete a down cable. Now keeping your thread below the needle until you have taken your next stitch on the line above then thread above the needle to make an up cable as photos below

Complete this method to the end of your row then fasten off at the back. Turn your work upside down and complete the other side to match.

On the next row complete a mirror image of this row and so on until you have completed your piece of smocking, remembering not to smock on the last holding row

To finally prepare your dress front smocked piece, untie the pleating thread knots but don't pull the threads out. Stretch out your smocking to fit your bodice of the dress with enough each end to cut armholes later. You should have a  blocking guide in the pattern of your choice. Place on the ironing board and pin in place to match the blocking guide. Steam with the iron without touching the fabric. Leave over night to dry.
Complete your dress as per pattern instructions.

I hope I explained everything easily. Any questions please email me
xx jeanetteann 

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Alessandra said...

Your tutorial is very well done and You are so talented. Your dresses are always gorgeous