Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another productive day

I have such a lot of energy at the moment.
It must be the extra exercise I'm doing. (Zumba)
I just love it. I'm bidding on a DVD on Ebay, so that I can do it at home instead of 
going out to a class at night. I'm not fond of going out at night,especially in Winter.

I also am in love with Isagenix too
A wonderful product to give your body all the goodness it needs and rid it of any toxins.

Annnnnnyways back to my original post :)
I have been baking all day today.
Whole orange and chocolate cake
Boiled fruit cakes
and coconut biscuits. 
I've also peeled and deseeded a pile of mandarines,oranges and lemons
Cut them up,shredded the peel
and they are cooking away ready to be turned into marmade.

I thought yesterday was a productive day getting the veggie garden prepared and planted
with Winter veggies,but today I am really pleased with myself the amount I have achieved
Now rest time,if that's possible for me ;) I can't sit still for too long,unless I'm blogging, sewing or writing. 

Broccoli starting to flower.

What are you cooking up today?

I'm going to visit some linky parties now
xx jeanetteann 

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