Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project for this week

This delightful little dressing table complete with mirror,which I forgot to photograph here
was put on the kerbside by my new neighbour for council pick up.

I hadn't really any room for it,but couldn't bare to see it thrown out.
It had sat there for 3 days,and no one seemed to want it.
 It was heavily covered in thick varnish
I gave it a really good sanding with a very course paper

Removed the ugly old hardware

Filled the holes with wood putty

Gave it another good sanding

Mixed up some home made chalk paint
Made with plaster of Paris and satin white paint and water

Applied some furniture wax that I already had

Gave it another sand using quite fine 120 paper

I ran out of wax,but found I had some bees wax from another project years ago
I melted it over hot water and mixed it with Olive oil and Canola oil,which is all I had
I didn't want to run out and start buying stuff
I added some essential oil and mixed
I had to work fast because it goes hard as it cools

I smothered it all over the dressing table
Melted again and smothered again
Let it dry and with lots of puff and elbow grease

 (I had to use my left hand as I have RSI in my right at the moment)
buffed it as much as I could,then gave it another light sand and buffed some more

I had to drill new holes in the back to put on the pieces of wood that hold the mirror,
because the mirror that was with it, and not attached didn't match the holes already there.

It must have been from another dressing table, still I managed to drill and screw them on
Then attached the mirror which tilts to the angle you want.

I bought these crystal knobs off Ebay for $2.99 each
free delivery
Here in Adelaide last year I paid $6.45 each :(


I thought it turned out so nice,I don't want to part with it.
It looks so nice in my sewing room. 

 I juggled other stuff around and made room for it.
I'm going to enjoy it for years to come I think.

Some other corners of my Sewing room

You know the day after I rescued this little gem,(the dressing table)the neighbours started
putting out more stuff.
A large, tall bookcase which had been sanded down beautifully to the bare wood,
It had shelves and doors  with colonial squares to fit glass.
If I could have found a space for it, I would have brought it in,but alas, no room at the inn.
They also put out a vintage kitchen cabinet, 2 large Eskies,bbq with a lid and a big box
of blankets
I said to my hubby,it will be all gone by morning
The next day it was still there and by lunch time the council truck came

I nearly cried, I couldn't watch. They actually crushed the whole lot.
I mean, what is the world coming to. Wouldn't a charity shop have taken it all?
It would have only been the cost of a phone call.

If I hadn't saved the beautiful dressing table and mirror,it also would have gone in the crusher.:(

Imagine how many homeless people would have made use of the blankets,or even a dogs home.
It was a sad day. I just can't bare waste of any kind.

I know all of us in Blogland love to recycle
The Council is always advertising the fact, and yet they send a crusher out.urggggggh

Some pretty posies from my garden to cheer us xx

I also was very fortunate recently to win a give away
This lovely scarf from Donna's Designs
Thank yo so much Donna, I love it,
and my colour too.

Please join me at my favourite blog parties this week
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They are such fun and have lovely things to see.

xx Jeanetteann


Shabby chic Sandy said...

You did a lovely job on that dresser--it looks great! Love the new knobs they really add a lot. Your sewing room is so pretty. Those scarves look beautiful on you!

Donna Heber said...

Wow, your refurbished dresser looks amazing Jeanetteann! It has such a beautiful charm to it with those crystal knobs. I just love the pink scarf on you - so pretty and feminine.

chateau chic said...

Jeanetteann, What a sweet little dresser you transformed! Congrats on your win. Love the scarf and it's the perfect color.
Mary Alice

Alessandra said...

Dear Jeanetteann, you made a wonderful job!!The transformation is amazing. I love your room, it' s very romantic as i like. And your flowers? Fairy!!!

Merlesworld said...

Your dresser turned out lovely, it is a pity old furniture gets crushed in the pick ups. They do it here too but a lot of the charity shops will not take bedroom furniture, the people down the road on my bus stop were puting out furniture the other day with a sign free to anyone so I asked them why they didn't give it to a charity and they said they rang a few and they weren't wanted.

Olivia said...

Oh sweetie!!! Fabulous job!!! xoxo

Karen said...

Oh wow, how good does the dresser look...great job! xx

Susan said...

Hello Jeanetteann....GREAT JOB! Lovely dressing table. Ohhhh, if only you could have rescued the rest of the stuff that got smooshed. The next time the neighbor puts stuff out, can't you stick it into the backyard? Ha! Take care and thanks for your visit. Susan

bj said...

I LOVE how your dresser turned out...sooo pretty.
I would love to find something that pretty on a curb. We don't do that here in West Texas...if we have something we don't want, we either sell it, give it to thrift store or haul it off. SOMEtimes, I see things in the alley, beside the dumpster, tho. :)