Monday, April 2, 2018

Time to tidy the garden

Hi everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break as much as I have.
Good Friday was spent quietly not doing very much,just reflecting on what Easter time is meant to Christians the World over.

We visited  a lovely garden open day on Saturday,Sophie's Patch. Sophie Thompson is a regular presenter on Gardening Australia and has written many gardening books.
Her lovely home and garden in the Adelaide hills is open to the public for charity in Autumn and Spring. Her co presenter Costa did a talk on growing ones own food. It really gave us inspiration to get out into the garden,which we did on Sunday before the family came to dinner.

 We cut back and cleared out a lot of leaves and debris from under the plants,moved things around and planned what we would like to grow and where. A really productive day.We also planted veggie seeds and picked a beauitful dragon fruit which we cut up into a fruit salad, that was,after we all tasted its sweetness first. My Grandson was so pleased to get first taste as he was the one who gave me the small cutting that started me on the journey to grow this amazing fruit.


Sophie's Patch 
This bedstead is growing a mass of succulents 

 A talk from Costa.
The pile of pumpkins were grown by Sophie a year ago and kept in her cellar.

A wonderful tree house

In my last post I mistakenly named a tree on our morning walk as wattle in bloom. One of my dear blogger friends couldn't understand how Wattle was blooming in Autumn as it usually blooms in Spring. Do we ever stop learning where our gardens are concerned?  The tree in question is actually a flowering gum,which I knew really LOL but why I said Wattle, well who knows (senior moment  ha ha )

Until next time happy gardening and I'll maybe catch up on some linky parties and blogs
Xx jeanette ann
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Kim said...

I believe till the day we die we will still be learning about our gardens. How wonderful to wander around Sophie's beautiful garden. I must say I love the succulent bed! How fabulous is that! I have never tried dragon fruit. Not only does it look delicious, it is so pretty. May you enjoy your lovely garden this week, lovely lady.