Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spending time doing what you love

Autumn is still warm even though we are into the second month.
It's more like Spring and the garden is still blooming and looking so pretty.
To me, Autumn is cooler days and cold nights. Leaves turning golden on the trees and walks in the park scrunching them under your feet. But not this year,it's feels so strange.  Will we get Winter I wonder.

I spend my days doing all the things I love.
I love this time of year when one can spend time indoors or out whichever takes our fancy.

 We are so lucky in South Australia. We don't really suffer too many extremes like other parts of the country. Queensland is experiencing such terrible weather patterns, Cyclones and now floods.

I thought I would share some of the things I have made recently

A smocked romper. It was so difficult to apply poppers. They look so easy but very difficult to line up. I prefer buttons next time.


A little pink dress

Don't you just love it when you can just enjoy creating. One of my favourite pastimes is sewing baby clothes,especially smocking and embroidery.
Princess Charlotte is always dressed in smocked dresses,they are so sweet. It's nice to see little girls dressed like little girls.

I like to spend time in the veggie patch. It's not easy to grow organically. There is always something around that like to devour whatever is in abundance,like my little baby squash. I'm afraid I didn't get to pick any,we had a few rats who liked them. Ugggh you might say Rats,but yes we do live near a river and we do get them.

I also love to bake, bread is so therapeutic to make. Getting that lovely warm dough smooth,lovely to handle. Love it

Throwing in a few olives or sultanas and you have lovely gourmet bread. So good

Well I'm off to check out a few linky parties and favourite blogs.

See you soon. Happy week
Jeanette ann 

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Kim said...

The weather has gone a little mad, hasn't it. Down here, though it is getting chilly, it's not as cold as it usually at this time of the year. Though in saying that all the flowers have dived deep down into the earth. Your stitching and smocking is beautiful. When my girls were little they had a few beautiful smocked dresses. There is just something about seeing a little girl in a smocked dress or indeed wee little boys in smocked rompers. That bread looks delicious. So lovely to visit your place again.