Sunday, September 17, 2017

Spring here at last

Spring is here at last,although still cold and wet I can feel and sense it in the air. Sunday is going to be 25 and sunny. Can't wait for tea in the garden,roses blooming and scents and smells of herbs and Spring flowers.
We have spent Winter decorating the house from front to back. It's been hectic with the painter in, mess everywhere,but it's just about finished thank goodness. So pleased with it all. Just waiting for our new curtains to be finished and nearly done.

I had my first attempt at laying tiles. Admittedly it was only capping tiles but am so proud of myself. I painted the whole bathroom and came up with the idea of painting half wall burgundy with pencil capping tiles. I am so pleased with the result.

I bought a crystal chandelier off the internet but am so disappointed with it. Apart from paying too much for it,it's not in the condition it should have been for the price. You know how it is,falling in love with all the droplets and sparkle only to find it isn't in good working order. The electrician said it would be far cheaper to buy a new one than fix it. Oh well lesson learned.

I have been sewing my little smocked dresses too and knitting little cardigans to match,just like Princess Charlottes,isn't she the cutest in her smocked dresses and cardigans.

I have a new hobby too, cake decorating. For my recent birthday my friend and I who get together at her home once a week and practice, made all the cup cakes. We were so pleased with them as we even made all the flowers for the decoration.

Needless to say they didn't last long with the family over. They took home a little parcel too.

We are planning the next batch now for my Grandsons birthday. I don't think it will be roses though.

Also I have decided to keep the crystal chandelier and put it up in  the sunroom. I'll post pics when its done. I also bought 2 new chandeliers today from Recolections. I am so pleased with them. I bought them to put up in the hallway. They don't have drops but I managed to purchase on Ebay 4 mtrs of crystals which I will attach to them. More pics of them to to come. The electrician is coming this week to install them. Can't wait.Almost done.

I am going to find time to visit my favourite blogs today
Happy week x jeanette ann


Kim said...

Well done you for tiling, they look amazing. Sweet little smock dress and cardie. Those cupcakes are amazing. Each one is a work of art. =) How disappointing the chandelier isn't as you would have liked it to be. Your sprucing up of your home sounds lovely. Can't wait to see photos. Enjoy your week, lovely Jeanette. I hope it is a warm and sunny one. It is still a wee bit chilly down here, but the flowers are ablooming so all is good.

Alessandra said...

Mmm...Your cupcakes are so pretty. Love the dress,it is very lovely.
Hugs Alessandra