Saturday, March 25, 2017

bits and bobs around home

I love pottering around in my sewing room and as I have collected an awful lot of scraps from the Christening gowns I have made, I decided to create some small items to use them up.

Bridal favours seemed the best choice along with some dolls blankets and baby bibs.

TheWeather has been so hot even though we are well into the first month of Autumn. The  garden doesnt know it's Autumn so keeps on blooming.

 This is our Dragon fruit with its first fruit.

The beans keep producing too

I will be visiting some of my favourite blogs today. See you there xx jeanette ann


Kim said...

Oooh.....your glorious yellow rose...delicious!! Your garden is looking a treat. Ours too, down here just keeps on keeping on. I am loving this weather. =) Love those pretties you have stitched from all your pretty bits. It is lovely to visit your place after such a long while, lovely Jeanette. Have a wonderful week.

Trish said...

Hello Jeanette Ann. Your garden does still look lush and lovely! Ours is beginning to slow down to Autumn pace..but we still have trees in full leaf. Wedding favours are a great idea for your leftover scraps..they look lovely too. Bless you...