Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keeping busy inside during a heat wave

We are in the very midst of an awful heat wave. Over 40c every day this week. It's a bit hard to take even though we have aircon. The garden is taking a beating we have lost some veggies and some of the flower seedlings I planted a few weeks ago.
I always make my own bread but it is too hot to put the oven on. I decided to try making the bread and fruit cakes in the Webber Q not knowing how it would turn out.
I could only fit 1 loaf at a time in the BBQ so it took a while but everything came out lovely.

I love kneading the dough,it's warm and moulds under your hands and very meditating. I'm going to try a custard tart in the BBQ tomorrow,I found a recipe on Pinterest for a no crust custard tart,my hubbies favourite.
I also want to try homemade pizza too.
Our son bought us the Webber Q last year but we haven't used it much as we don't have anywhere to put it under cover. They recomend it not to be outside exposed to the wet weather,but not to be used inside only under a carport or covered pergola.   With the heatwave now in full swing we can leave it outside so it's getting lots of use and practice.

I also managed to get a few more squares done to add to my quilt. At least being stuck inside gets the jobs done.
I have this quilt on the bottom of the bed,but meant to make it the size of the whole bed but never got that far. I am determined to finish it this year at least.

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Hope you have a lovely day
xx jeanette ann 


Trish said...

Hi Jeanette Ann...your bread looks wonderful. I don't blame you for not using the oven in this dreadful heat! Hope you get some cooler temps soon. Our garden is suffering too. Stay safe and cool xx

Laura said...

Never knew about baking bread on the grill ,looks good.
It seem so unreal its so warm there and so cold here
hope your week is fun

Laura said...

I'm your 200 th person following you, That was my goal when my old blog got hacked

A Joyful Cottage said...

We use our grill all summer long. Just hate heating up the kitchen unnecessarily. We've even used the grill a few times this winter, although the temperatures have been extremely cold. Hubby just comes in and out while the meat cooks. LOL Your quilt is lovely. I want to make a queen size quilt this year. Not sure I'll get it done, but it's nice to think about. xo

Shelia said...

Oh, yummy! Your bread looks so scrumptous! I used to bake bread many years ago. I guess I'm too lazy now! Thanks for popping in to see me. We have about 15" of snow right now. I keep telling myself - spring is just around the corner.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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