Monday, February 6, 2017

Sewing room reveal

Good Morning blogger friends.
Well after a very tiring day decorating yesterday,I can now reveal the finished sewing room.
We were going to get the experts in to paint,but our lovely son said he would do it. He's a school teacher and on school break.  Hubby and I got into it too. Thank goodness I didn't have to cut in on top of a ladder 3.5 mtrs up. Hubby stood precariously up there a few times but after me nagging mmm I mean asking him not too,he relented and left it to the more fit younger one.
It took all day and I did I must say enjoy sitting on the floor painting the skirting boards, a more delicate task and kept the drinks and eats flowing.

I am so pleased with the end result,it's so fresh and as hubby says, it's probably the last time it will get  done. He thinks (or hopes) sometimes he forgets how impulsive I can be like painting the tiled hearth last year. I so regretted doing that because yesterday,I had to scrape the whole lot off as it had peeled. Never again will I do that.
Anyway,here are a few pics

All done and dusted and now time for me to enjoy my little haven.

Now I have some time to visit all of you and maybe some nice linky parties which I have neglected for some time. The links to some of my favourites are on my side bar.
I am going to spend some time visiting blogs I haven't been to before too. I'm quite looking forward to that to get some lovely inspiration.
 Bye for now.
xx jeanette ann
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Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your sewing room is wonderful, and so well organized. I wish my craft room was upstairs instead of in the unfinished basement part we have, I'd love to have the light and coziness you do.

ann said...

Jeanette, I am so glad that you visited the Garden Spot. I have browsed through your blog, and I love it! Your sewing room is wonderful, spacious, well organized, and very pretty. Next I will be visiting your Etsy shop. We will discover that we have so much in common: gardening, dolls, pretty things. I have another blog, I don't keep it up as I do the Garden Spot where I post once a week, but there I chronicle my adventures with dollhouses. Right now I am sewing for the 18 inch dolls. I am working on 4 period outfits from the 1870s, a prairie outfit. I have just been accepted to DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution. Women who join must prove their family genealogy can be connected to an American patriot who fought in the War of Independence in 1776. My Aunt had the family genealogy for DAR proven, so my membership and my daughters' were quickly confirmed. My sister in law, however, is having a very difficult time proving her patriot. So one of the women thought that our chapter should have a pioneer American Girl doll outfit. If I am going to sew one dress, then I sew several at one time. I found my homespun materials at the thrift store. Colorado, the state where I live, joined the union in 1876 and had a rich history of the American Old West with many having pioneer relatives. While I am a native born Coloradan, I am only the first generation to be born in Colorado. So glad to make meet you. I will signing on, hoping to watch you sew and garden. I will take the extra outfits to the March meeting because I know that someone will want them. I don't have much in the materials and I know that others may want dresses, too. I think if I decide to make outfits for others I will ask them to provide their material and I will make the dress. I don't necessarily want to make money but, I think I should ask for a bit to offset the notions. What do you think? See you again.

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Thank you Ann for your kind comments. It sounds like you keep very busy like all gardeners and sewers. So much to do when it's something you enjoy. I look forward to paying you a visit again soon
jeanette ann

Laura said...

A sweet room

Stephanie said...

My dear Jeanette, what a darling sewing room! I just love the colors and the sweet light that shines through. I think I would be in there every day all day {{smiles}}

Have a glorious week, lovely lady. Hugs!