Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rain Rain beautiful Rain,the garden is smiling

These are our tree ferns after the heat wave
but do you see the green shoots
We have had 3 days solid of beautiful rain,torrential rain.

Another fern,another green shoot

My new David Austin Rose Teasing Georgia
Its smiling after the lovely rain

The veggie garden is smiling too
This once yellow capsicum turned bright red ,
so sweet 

The beans are so strange this year
They are climbing all over the arbours,but instead of beans
there are little red pea type flowers ?
This one has had some little sucking insects that I can't see 
sucking the life out of the leaves. The ones on the other arch have 
been left alone,but still no beans ?

Rocket springing up its little heads.
I've used my worm farm containers to plant seeds
as the worms all died in the heat :( even though I covered them and cooled them with water

One little carrot peeping through
can you see it?

Basil loved the heat and went mad everywhere
I made lots of Pesto

2 dwarf yellow beans showing through

Enjoy your weekend and hope you had a lovely Valentines Day

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xx jeanetteann


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Thank goodness you got rain just when you needed it! Rain is so refreshing--I love it. Good thing because we get a lot of it here in Oregon!

Kays Kids said...

Nature is wonderful. Just when we thought every thing was dead from the heat including us. Down came the rain and we are all refreshed.
As long as the water didn't enter our houses.
Hugs Kay

Merlesworld said...

A couple days of rain always helps it doesn't matter how many times you water the garden without the rain things don't seem to grow very well.......