Sunday, February 23, 2014

Garden changes.

We have made big changes in the back garden
We decided to plant some green manure in the cleared areas
to rejuvenate the soil ready for planting out.

As we will be putting roses in here it can grow and then rest until
the cooler weather.

These were the tree ferns which had suffered badly in the heat wave
and although they have come back quite nicely,we decided to take 
them out and put roses in here

We advertised the tree ferns on Gumtree and they sold
They are going to a good home in the hills where they 
will be cool and protected under trees. 

We are going to dig in blood and bone and lots of mulch
to get ready for the roses.

Beans growing nicely and this year covered in red flowers
Last year they were white

The capsicums are doing well
I left these plants in from last year
and they are still producing

The dwarf beans are coming up nicely too in the seed tray
These ones will be yellow

Herbs in pots doing well

I read on Pinterest that you can cut the root from a stick of celery
and plant it. This is the result when I tried it. Amazing

The apricot tree in a barrel,I grew from a stone
This is 3yrs old now. Should be fruiting next Christmas


Capsicums,tomatoes, silver beet and spinach

I think this is a pumpkin
It's come up from the dish water we throw on the garden

This palm ( I've forgotten the name) is in the way of where
the roses are going,so we've transplanted it into a pot

This rose "Clair Rose" 
will be transplanted into the new bed

It is getting too tall for its pot


Teasing Georgia

A new climber we planted in September last year
I'ts nearly to the top of the arch and so pretty

The old bay tree keeps on keeping on 

A bit of tidying to do here

This space at the side of the house is ideal for veggies

We've taken out old palms here to extend the veggie garden

Well that's the garden organized again
Can't wait to plant the roses. 
Have to wait for some cooler weather though.
I hope you're enjoying whatever you're doing this weekend

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xx jeanetteann


Kays Kids said...

I had to smile when I read your blog. I to have taken out a tree and I am clearing a bed to plant roses and salvia. They don't take a lot of water. I don't mind pruning and at least they are hardy.
I am interested in you growing vegies at the narrow side of your house. My narrow side runs north south so I only get sun in the middle of the day. Do you think that would be enough?
Hugs Kay

Susan said...

The garden looks lovely, Jeanette. Can't wait to see the roses. You have made some nice changes. Susan

Nancy's Notes said...

You must have very green thumb, everything looks so green! Your garden looks great!

Shelia said...

Your beds and garden look wonderful! Everything is thriving and so green already. I know your roses will be gorgeous. I really love your cream colored climbing rose with all of the petals! Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

janice15 said...

It all looks fabulous.. I love the beds.. I did a lot of changes in the Garden as well... Hugs so nice to visit with you again.. with love Janice p.s. thank you for your visit..

Shabby chic Sandy said...

All your plants make me so excited to garden again. Let us see when you finish planting :) I need to go out and clean up the dead stuff from winter--that part is not fun!

Maria Brittis said...

i saw your pretty blog on ivy and elephants we have much in common. This garden is amazing and I have gotten so many great ideas Im so excited.

I have a blog on nature decor and Here is a sample of my blog post on artful garden
Thanks Maria

The Tablescaper said...

A lovely garden.

Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper