Friday, November 30, 2012

My Tulle Christmas tree

 I have seen some lovely Christmas trees on Pinterest and blogs
I wanted another one for our hall way.
I had a lot of tulle and organza in my sewing stash left over from the Christening Gowns I make.
I needed to find something for the shape to tie the tulle onto.
I looked around my sewing room
and then spied, on top of the wall shelves,
the stands I had made to display the Gowns 

I gathered together the tulle

Ripped it into strips and tied it on,starting at the bottom and working up
making them shorter as I went

I needed a topper,an Angel or Star
Too hot outside to go to the shops today,
so used the little cake topper I bought for my 
daughters birthday cake, (on line from Saturday Finds Etsy Shop)

A few faux roses and cherubs around the bottom

And, da da ,love it

                        I think I'll look for some white or pink lace to throw over the lamp shades

Do we ever finish decorating for Christmas ?
Not while we browse blogs and Pinterest.
So much inspiration out there heh?
My next post hopefully will be the whole 
of my home Christmas decor

Happy decorating

xx jeanetteann

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Victorian Angel Ornament and more decorations

I am still putting finishing touches to our Christmas decor
as I find more goodies
One of the prettiest little graphics came from Kerryanne English "Simply Christmas"
at "Shabby Art Boutique"

Kerryanne ,posted the little angels for us to download.
She gave the tutorial to make lovely little tree decorations with them.
I adapted it,by just glueing it onto a tiny paper doily and adding a ribbon
to hang. Then touched the wings with a little silver glitter

I found some aqua baubles at Vinnies for $2 and added them to my silver and white dining room mantle.

I collect Myer Christmas Bears,and they love to come out each Christmas
 They sit comfortably among the presents in the Sun room.
Wilbur from Kays Kids will probably love to meet them
They are Theodore and Edward

I found the lovely little Christmas child's case at Salvo's for $3
and the little book. The Joys of Christmas was only $1

May thy Christmas
happy be
And naught
but joy appear,
Is now the wish
I send to thee,
And all I love 
most dear

 I had decided not to have red in my Christmas decor this year, I mainly used white, silver and blue,
but I have to have it in my Sun room,as my family always look for the name tree.
The baubles are in traditional colours
My Christmas china is also red and gold, and we eat Christmas dinner in the sun room.

This is a little tree that has all their name baubles on it.

This little Angel has been with me for almost 50 years
She is my best little Christmas treasure.

The Wreath in here is called Spring,although our Christmas is in summer
I love it and added a red bow.

The shelf in this room.

The calender is from 1994, and has a lovely Victorian picture on each month
This is December page and says Merry Christmas at the top.

I bought it new in that year,to cut up for decoupage,but have never had the 
courage to put the scissors into it.
 I am glad I didn't now.

Making the Christmas cake 

I have to make one for my friends birthday party on the 22nd
so made it at the same time.
I'm going to ice her cake, 
but this year,
 I'm leaving off the icing for ours and decorating with glace fruit and nuts for a change.

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Happy decorating
jeanetteann xx

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project for this week

This delightful little dressing table complete with mirror,which I forgot to photograph here
was put on the kerbside by my new neighbour for council pick up.

I hadn't really any room for it,but couldn't bare to see it thrown out.
It had sat there for 3 days,and no one seemed to want it.
 It was heavily covered in thick varnish
I gave it a really good sanding with a very course paper

Removed the ugly old hardware

Filled the holes with wood putty

Gave it another good sanding

Mixed up some home made chalk paint
Made with plaster of Paris and satin white paint and water

Applied some furniture wax that I already had

Gave it another sand using quite fine 120 paper

I ran out of wax,but found I had some bees wax from another project years ago
I melted it over hot water and mixed it with Olive oil and Canola oil,which is all I had
I didn't want to run out and start buying stuff
I added some essential oil and mixed
I had to work fast because it goes hard as it cools

I smothered it all over the dressing table
Melted again and smothered again
Let it dry and with lots of puff and elbow grease

 (I had to use my left hand as I have RSI in my right at the moment)
buffed it as much as I could,then gave it another light sand and buffed some more

I had to drill new holes in the back to put on the pieces of wood that hold the mirror,
because the mirror that was with it, and not attached didn't match the holes already there.

It must have been from another dressing table, still I managed to drill and screw them on
Then attached the mirror which tilts to the angle you want.

I bought these crystal knobs off Ebay for $2.99 each
free delivery
Here in Adelaide last year I paid $6.45 each :(


I thought it turned out so nice,I don't want to part with it.
It looks so nice in my sewing room. 

 I juggled other stuff around and made room for it.
I'm going to enjoy it for years to come I think.

Some other corners of my Sewing room

You know the day after I rescued this little gem,(the dressing table)the neighbours started
putting out more stuff.
A large, tall bookcase which had been sanded down beautifully to the bare wood,
It had shelves and doors  with colonial squares to fit glass.
If I could have found a space for it, I would have brought it in,but alas, no room at the inn.
They also put out a vintage kitchen cabinet, 2 large Eskies,bbq with a lid and a big box
of blankets
I said to my hubby,it will be all gone by morning
The next day it was still there and by lunch time the council truck came

I nearly cried, I couldn't watch. They actually crushed the whole lot.
I mean, what is the world coming to. Wouldn't a charity shop have taken it all?
It would have only been the cost of a phone call.

If I hadn't saved the beautiful dressing table and mirror,it also would have gone in the crusher.:(

Imagine how many homeless people would have made use of the blankets,or even a dogs home.
It was a sad day. I just can't bare waste of any kind.

I know all of us in Blogland love to recycle
The Council is always advertising the fact, and yet they send a crusher out.urggggggh

Some pretty posies from my garden to cheer us xx

I also was very fortunate recently to win a give away
This lovely scarf from Donna's Designs
Thank yo so much Donna, I love it,
and my colour too.

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xx Jeanetteann

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Mantle

Well I've made good progress this week with my decorating
This is my dining room mantle

A little birdie in a cloche

Pearly wreath

A few baubles

Nativity in the hallway

The sitting room tree
This room is quite cosy,so a little tree is best in here

How are your preparations coming along?

Lots to do  so must fly

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xx jeanetteann