Monday, May 6, 2019

What I’ve been doing lately


Hello fellow bloggers
I hope all is well with you all. I must make the time to pay you a visit.

I have been so busy with my little hobby business which I love.
I thought I would show you a little of what I have made.


We have been blessed with a visit from our eldest son, who has been staying with us before his planned trip to Canada.
He set up a website for me while he was here. I am quite basic at getting my head around technology
But I’m getting there.








I love fabrics and am constantly on the lookout for nice,different ones. to what the shops have.  I have a very good supplier and have found some nice ones  online too.
Shopping online seems to be so popular at the moment,which I think is why shops are closing at an alarming rate.

I live in a Port and it’s at the moment going through a total regeneration.  Lots of little cafes and restaurants popping up, which is lovely as we take Rocky on his walks and there is always something  new to see. No boutiques or similar though.  

Well now lunch and then a little sewing as I caught up with my veggie garden planting yesterday. Carrots and radishes and winter lettuce all in.
Lovely rain forecast for the rest of the week before we are off for a little break to Port  Elliot down the coast for a few days next week.
 Bye for now xx Jeanette ann


Kim said...

Truly, Jeannette, your exquisite creations should be seen in the high street boutiques. How wonderful your on-line business is doing so well. How wonderful children all around the world are wearing your amazing pretties.

Debbie said...

oh these little outfits are outstanding, such beautiful fabrics!! i really like the puffy sleeves on the girls dresses!!

it's so nice to have "children" to help us with all the technology we are trying to navigate. it is the reason we had them, isn't it??!! hehehehehe

Conniecrafter said...

Oh wow you do such beautiful work, so precious!

Heirloom treasures said...

Thank you

Alessandra said...

Your creations are all beautiful and sweet. Great job, again