Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our trip to Europe

I love the little vignette with the gorgeous little Eiffle Tower I bought in Paris on a recent trip to Europe.

The Tower looked so pretty at night with the twinkling lights 

Amsterdam was so beautiful with the most interesting architecture. We actually stayed in believe it or not the red light district. We hadn't known that when we booked our holidays. The hotel was buit in the 1700's. It was quite quaint 

We then joined the ship to cruise The Rhine through Germany and then the speed train to Paris.

The ship was lovely as was the beautiful hotel in Paris

We made some lovely friends along the way. 

The Champs De Elysse and Arc De Tromph in the

 A Beautiful childrenwear shop

the hotel in Paris

I hope you enjoyed some of our holiday snaps. They are a little mixed up as my ipad is a nightmare to try and post on. It jumps all over the place when I'm writing and I can't get the photo's to post in order. I wish I had my laptop again.

Until next time I will be visiting some friendly blogs and linky parties.

Jeanette ann 

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Kim said...

Lovely photos of your trip. It looks as if you had the most splendid of times. Sweet little Eiffel Tower....but I rather love the pretty vase in the background.