Monday, September 26, 2016

After the rain

After returning from holidays we were amazed at how our little garden. It was so pretty,everything was fresh looking.  We had had so much rain which is unusual for this time of year and Spring too.
So I'd like to share a few photo's with you. Hope you enjoy them

 The hollyhocks are getting so big and just about ready to bloom. They last most of the year so I am quite excited about them.

 I just so love Margarite Daisies, this one is called Red Baron and is beautiful don't you think ?

I hope you enjoyed my garden pretties. Have a nice day wherever you are in the World

Love to you all. I so like visiting you and will try to catch up with as many of your lovely blogs as I can in the next week or 2. Until then xx jeanetteann 


Kim said...

Your garden is beautiful, Jeanette. Love those Pansies and your Red Baron Margarite Daisies are so pretty in pink. Love the blue willow plate in the front of the pot. Soooo jealous of your Hollyhocks. For some reason ours just don't seem to thrive. Perhaps I will try again this year. Everything in your garden looks so lovely and green and colourful.

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Thank you Kim. Hollyhocks are like weeds here. They just go on forever and reseed constantly. I have to pull some out as I get too many for my little garden. We are batterned down tonight here as we are in the midst of an awful storm. Even the electricity is off. Hope you all ok over there.