Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christening/Baptism Day

I am really enjoying getting back into my sewing again
This is a silk Christening/Baptism Romper set I have just finished for 
one of my Ebay clients
Little baby boys look like angels when they are all dressed up for 
their Baptism/christening

Some parents prefer a gown like the Royals have for their baby boys
like this one

In silk

or cotton

I do too,but some dads like their boys to be boys

The Royals like the new Prince George Alexanda Lois
will most definitely be in the traditional lace Heirloom gown worn
by all the Royal babies.

This is a vintage one that I was given by a very elderly 100yr old lady who
wore it on her Christening day

Did you know why baby bonnets ties are not cut but in one piece
It's an old tradition that the mother of the baby cuts the ribbon
on babes special day.
I think that's a lovely tradition

I thought this an appropriate post with the birth of the Royal baby

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xx jeanetteann

Friday, July 19, 2013

Another little sewing project

As it's so cold outside it's a good excuse to 
get some sewing projects finished

I love to smock and I did this little size 0 dress in pretty 
blue and yellow to pick up the colours in the tiny floral
I piped the cuffs and peter pan collar as I think it gives it a
neater finish

It is for sale on Ebay for $20 on auction 

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Happy weekend
xx jeanetteann

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More pretty finds and sewing project

I love the shabby chic colours on the tea towels I found this 
week. There are 7 and they cost me $4 the lot

This pretty yellow roses English Tea cup was $3
It was really dirty, I found it at a garage sale
When I washed it, I found it had never been used

The place mats were rolled up and tied with string
I thought there were only 2,but there were 3

I managed to get in some sewing this week
as I have had a lot of sales on Ebay for my Christening Gowns

I thought I would make some little baby dresses to use up some of 
my stash of pretty fabric
This little dress will fit a new born or baby doll
and is for sale on Ebay auction for $19

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Happy Week my friends

And a big thank you to Jacqueline from Cabin and Cottage
Jacqueline recently posted on her blog the Victoria Magazine
with pictures and stories of beautiful vintage linen
Jacqueline has so very kindly sent me a copy
I am so thrilled as we can't get it in Australia.
I can't wait for it to arrive.
Check out Jacquelines blog,it's so beautiful with all her lovely collections
of linens and china and more

xx jeanetteann

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sour Dough bread

I cook a lot from my Jamie Oliver cook books,so thought I would
try out his sour dough bread

My first attempt was a little too chewy inside and very hard on the crust
but lovely toasted

Next days starter 500grms


First rising

First batch

Second mother starter

Second attempt. Looks and tastes good

Third attempt,a little pale in the photo because of the light
 but delicious


Tip 500grms of organic Rye flour into a bowl
Add enough luke warm water to make a soft dough
Cover with greased cling wrap and set to one side

Leave it alone

mix in a handful of good flour and if needed a little water to bring back
to the same consistency of Monday
Cover again

Leave it alone and watch it bubble and turn into a grey malty smelling dishfull of goodness
The natural good bacteria is doing its job. It has all its own natural yeast

Tip the lovely little mess out onto a floured surface and surround it with 1 klgm of
strong flour 
(I tried it the second time in my Kenwood with the dough hook to get it started
as it was less messy, before turning it out onto a surface to knead)

Pour sufficient luke warm water into the centre and gradually bring in the flour
mixing and stirring with your hand until all of the flour is incorporated
Keep kneading for about 10 to 15 mins, stretching and pulling until
you have a non sticky soft dough

Cover and set aside until double in size
Punch down and knead again for a few mins
Cut off 500grms of the dough and put into a bowl and cover with the greased cling wrap again

This is your starter for the next batch Hence the sour dough mother 

You can add salt to the rest now if you like. Don't add salt until you have separated the mother dough

Shape the rest of the dough into a shape you like or put into a loaf tin or make into rolls
Cover and set in a warm place until doubled again
Bake in a 200c fan forced oven for about 40mins until when tapped on the bottom it sounds hollow

It is amazingly delicious warm from the oven with its crunchy crust and soft middle even without butter

It is so much fun to make and once you have the mother starter you can make it every couple of days its very satisfying.

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Happy Week
xx jeanetteann

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet finds

Are they not the sweetest little cowlets you've ever seen?
I know,I know cowlets isn't a real word,but it fits don't you think?

They are salt and pepper shakers and cost me only $5
They have joined the rest of my cow family (and little Babe the piglet
on top of the dresser on the milk shelf

I couldn't pass up this lovely set of my childhood favourites either,
and in mint condition,having never been out of their cover.

Did you find some nice goodies this week?
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Happy week
xx jeanetteann

Friday, July 5, 2013

Apple Cake

I make this cake all the time,it is so nice and moist
so today thought I would share the recipe
I usually use Granny Smith apples
but had lots of these little sweet lovelies I had bought for juicing
so used them instead and they worked fine.

175grms vegetable margarine
200grms barbados sugar (I couldn't get this so use raw sugar instead)
3 eggs
100grms chopped walnuts
75grms sultanas
175grms self raising flour (wholemeal)
1/4tspn ground cloves
350grms cooking apples grated
(I am going to try using the fruit pulp from my juicing next time instead of the apples)

Grease an 18cm diam round cake tin (I used a square this time for a change)
I lined it with baking paper so it comes out easy

Cream together margarine and only 175grms of the sugar
Beat in eggs
fold in the flour,sultanas cloves and only 50grms of the chopped nuts
Spoon into the tin and top with the combined left over sugar and nuts

Bake at 180c for approx 11/2 hours or until golden and firm to the touch

Enjoy mmmm

With a nice cup of peppermint tea in an English Vale tea cup

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xx jeanetteann

Monday, July 1, 2013

Juicing for a healthy lifestyle .Waste not want not.

I have been juicing a lot lately and really enjoying the freshness of it
Today we had a mixed juice of carrots,pineapple,apple,banana
It is delicious.

The one thing I don't like about juicing,is the pulp that is left after separating the juice
I think that the pulp is all the fibre,which we should be eating

Sooooooo, I mixed it with a little wholemeal flour,oil,eggs and milk
baked it in the microwave.
I think at this point I must confess,I did bake it in the oven first in cake tins
but it didn't set. So I packed it all into pudding basins and went for the microwave try.

What is the saying?
The proof of the pudding is in the eating

It was delicious with a dollop of plain yoghurt.
Also, so healthy.

Waste not want not.

Do you juice? if so what do you make with the pulp
My brother makes cakes with his and says I didn't add enough flour
for the amount of pulp I had

I also came up with the idea of a pastry base
Pile on the pulp and then top with meringue
That's a trial for next time.

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Have a nice day
xx jeanetteann