Sunday, September 15, 2013

A gift I will cherish

I got such a wonderful surprise in the post this week
This beautiful amber glass swan,packed so beautifully
came all the way from the USA to me in Australia

Susan at Writing straight from the Heart 
sent it to me as a gift because I had seen it on her blog and admired it

Doesn't he go so well with my other pretty swan
who is so friendly and so pleased to have company

With the light from window he  shines like gold

Thank you  so much Susan
I so love him

I am joining my usual linky parties this week
The links are on my side bar

Happy week
xx jeanetteann


Alessandra said...

What a beautiful gift! This swan is wonderful

Merlesworld said...

He is beautiful.

Susan said...

Oh Jeanette...I'm so GLAD he didn't come all smooshed. I was afraid because of his long, delicate neck!

But hubs packed him and apparently did a good job.

I'm so happy he will live happily ever after with his transparent swan love!

Bet he won't miss New England winters, either. ha!

Dear Jeanette, I am so happy you enjoyed the little gift. That gave me so much joy.

Thanks for all your visits. Hugs. Susan

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh what a lovely gift. He goes so well with your other swan. I love the way the sun makes him sparkle.
Have a terrific week.

Kays Kids said...

What a friendly gift. The swan looks fab with the light on it.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

What a lovely gift! Those swans look gorgeous together!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Beautiful! I have seen the process of blown glass. It's amazing to watch, and looks so graceful when finished. A swan collection would be lovely!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

It's so special to receive gifts from our blogging friends Jeanette Ann. It really is such a small world now isn't it :)

Linda Bouffard said...

So cute! What a gift! Thanks for showing him off! Linda