Saturday, June 30, 2012

The love of Cherubs

I so love the little Angelic faces of Cherubs

I found these lovely Cherub vases and clock in an RSPCA charity shop while out walking.
Luckily I had slipped a few $'s into my coat pocket
The vases were only $5 each and the clock $4

They look so pretty with a bunch of my climbing roses
One vase is tall and the other squat,aren't they just so pretty?

The clock only needed a battery and it worked. I so love it on my mantle 
in the sitting room in front of the Italian mirror.
You see the little Angelic figure on the right with his liar (I think that's what it is)
Well look what I found the next day in the RSPCA shop for $2

I hope you are having a lovely week.xx jeanetteann

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Many Teacups?

I am not sure,but do you think you can have too many teacups?

I can't help myself,when I go thrifting. I can't not buy one if it is pretty or,and a good price.

This little pile are missing their saucer,and do I care,not likely.
You never know when that allusive little saucer or plate may turn up.

I have these patterns imprinted on my brain.

Then there are the ones that come in sets,and usually have never been used.
Maybe sat in some ones china cabinet for years.

Or the little sets which come your way from a friend who knows how much you will treasure their unwanted ones

A gift from a work  colleague many years ago

Then there are all the completed sets, some including plates

Then the bridal set from early married life,which is used often

More tucked away for every day use in the back of the cupboard

And lastly a basket full on the counter top for everyday use.

This is the set we use for breakfast everyday
I like to call it our breakfast set, I set the table for breakfast after dinner at night.
It's what my grandma always did,and I loved everything she did.

I am now going to have a nice cup of Tulsi tea with some home made custard tart
It's so nice to be able to have a different teacup when you feel like a change.:)

Do you have an obsession with teacups?

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xx jeanetteann

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gift of Linen an Lace

I am so in love with this pile of vintage linen and lace,my heart is all of a flutter.

If someone had given me a diamond,I wouldn't have been as happy as when this little pile of treasures was handed to me as a gift.

The house next door was bought by an investor who has been renovating for 3yrs
He has finally finished and has sold the house.
My hubby and I have become quite chatty with him as he worked away.

Yesterday, I was cooking in the kitchen,when hubby came in with this armful of treasures.
He said that the man renovating next door had handed it too him.
He had said it had belonged to his mother and thought I might like it.
He said to throw it out if I didn't want it, throw it out,is he crazy?

Can you believe it. I feel like I have won the lottery.

 This table cloth was hand crocheted by his mother. It is in perfect condition and so beautiful.
I haven't even started to launder them at this stage and they were still gorgeous.

After sitting on the floor drooling for a while, I was in the mood to give them a good wash and iron.

I just love this, especially when it is so cold.  Nothing warms you more than a couple of hours ironing. I was in seventh heaven, as each tablecloth and napkin took its turn on the ironing board.

I slowly plodded through it, not rushing,savouring every moment.  I marvelled at the beautiful workmanship and the hours that had gone into creating such beautiful pieces. 

Who had sat at the table that this cloth graced. What food did this lady lovingly prepare for her family or friends.

This beautiful cut work brought back memories of my school days
when I had attempted cut work in sewing class. 

This cloth,I don't think has been hand embroidered but is still beautiful

                                         This little round one is hand crocheted.

There is two more beautiful lace edged cloths,one of which has some wear holes
I will post another time on what I am going to do to that one.

These are the lace curtains.
I hung them from the shelves in my sewing room

This one is at the other end of the shelves
I left this straight to hide my printer
I'm not a lover of modern stuff.
The little vintage baby dress and Christening Gown
are 100yrs old and were given to me by an elderly lady a few years back.
The ones in behind the curtain are ones I made.

I haven't seen crocheted granny rugs with this perfect pattern
There are two of these.

There are 3 white damask tablecloths too and
2 sets of napkins and an everyday pale green cloth
Also a circular cream and beige floral cloth.

This is the cloth that has wear holes in the centre.
I have an idea what I will do with it.
I'll show you another time as this post is getting very long.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my treasures. I know you all love linen and lace as much as me.

xx jeanetteann

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