Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I am in the process of using up as much of my scrap fabrics a possible, and what better way than in a scrap quilt. It has to be a scrap one because I can't quite commit to all that cutting and measuring in the lovely quilts most quilters make. My grandma used to make quilts as a way of saving money. She used to get scraps of fabric from the cotton mills in Lancashire England where she lived. The fabric was that striped stuff that old fashioned pj's were made of. I had one of hers for many years until it dissintegrated. The lining was a worn white counterpane.

I have pictured the one I am making and included instructions, hope you have a go it's quite simple.

Choose the colours you would like in your quilt, I always seperate all my scraps into colours that go together in seperate bags, so that when needed they are already sorted. Press all your pieces. Take a piece of fabric for the back of your scrap squares, I used calico 22cm square. Chop off a piece of fabric from your stash for the centre of your scrap square. Cut 5 sides to the piece then pin it to the centre of your calico square. Take another scrap in a different colour and with right sides together place it over one of the 5 sides and stitch, fold this scrap back so that you cannot see the stitching and press. Keep doing the same thing as you go around the centre 5 sided piece. You should now have the centre 5 sided piece with 5 scrap pieces sewn around each of the 5 sides. Continue going round in the same manner covering raw edges of previous scraps as you go until you have covered the calico square. Trim around the edges of any overhanging scraps.

Take a piece of fabric 24cm square(I chose a floral and am using the same one for all my backing squares)but you can still use different colours, whatever you have.
cut a piece of padding 22cms square and place behind scrap square. Place the floral 24cm square behind that sandwiching the padding between. Turn the floral 24cm square over the edges of the other square (now padded)turning over twice to conseal raw edges,pin and then stitch with tiny hemming stitches.

You should now have a scrap, padded and backed 22cm square.

Keep making more squares and using tiny oversew stitches on the back, sew squares together to the required size.


Beach Vintage said...

One day I am going to attempt a quilt, meanwhile I am trying to get everything else in my hectic life in order!

Astara said...

Looks great - beautiful colours & yes I too can only dream about having the time to make one of these beautiful quilts.
Perhaps one day...

Love Of Quilts said...

Quite pretty. I do like the fabrics you used. Trish