Friday, July 16, 2010

Australian Made?

I dont't know about you but I get quite frustrated about more and more products we need are made overseas when we are quite capable of making or growing them here or even in most cases do.
I find it has been quite difficult to buy fruit juice without imported fruit concentrate,I have only just found one out of a supermarket full.
The riverland in SA are digging there fruit into the ground because they can't sell it It is a crime I think. I cannot buy a tin of Tuna that isn't a product of Tailand. The final straw came yesterday when we were travelling on the new trams in Adelaide. We wanted to get off at a certain stop and the voice over the intercom said we had to ring the bell to notify the driver that we wanted to get off, fine but where was the bell? 4 of us could not find it. As the tram sailed past our stop the conductor said" did we want to get off there, if so why didn't we ring the bell". I said "where is the bell", he pointed to a button on the door that said above it PRESS TO OPEN DOOR. How on earth does that translate to RING TO STOP. I then told this to the conductor who just shrugged, I told him that had the trams been made in Australia this probably wouldn't be a problem. Why? when Australia is quite capable of coach building, it wasn't given the contract WELL NOW I HAVE GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST I can get on with my next batch of orange marmalade which has RIVERLAND ORANGES bought on the side of the road and LEMONS FROM MY DAUGHTERs TREE,

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Vintage by LOU LOU said...

I am in complete agreement with you here :(