Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On our morning walk around the river

 I can't believe what we saw on our morning walk round the river today.
Vandals had destroyed some of the lovely trees. Tore them out and dragged them a distance away.
Whatever makes them do such a thing.

We see so many pretty trees and birds on our walks. All the wattle is out in bloom and there were a flutter of beautiful little parrots nesting in them. They unfortunately move to quickly for me to get a photo.

This pretty yellow bush came up in the garden,but we didn't plant it. The birds must have dropped the seeds. It now has lots of little purple berries on it. Not sure what it is.

'Well time to go,have a lovely week. Until next time. Xx jeanette ann 


Kim said...

I too, wonder why people do such things. It beggars belief that they would cause such havoc. Those Wattles are late flowering. Are they an autumnal flowering tree? I have only seen the beautiful Wattle flowers in early Spring.

Alessandra said...

So many beautiful spring pictures. You are surrounded by the beauty of the nature