Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great holiday finds

I have just got home from an amazingly relaxing holiday
touring around country Victoria.

You might know I could never go past a little scrounge in the 
Op and second hand shops
Luckily my hubby likes them too.

These are some of our lucky finds 
The pink transfer ware dinner plate above
matches the rest I have. I only need 3 more dinner plates and 4 cups to 
complete the whole dinner set
The plate was $5,a bargain

This gorgeous Johnson Brothers English sandwich plate
only $17.50
to add to my blue and white collection

Isn't it so pretty and a lovely shape?

This little Maxwell Williams jug
matches the cups and saucers I have
It was only $1

I am not into this vintage Japanese look,but my dear daughter is
I paid $16 for one like this on Ebay last year,but this one was only $4
You can actually see through the china. 
Kerry Lee will love it.
She displays them on her Antique Japanese dresser on top of a  vintage Kimono sash

It does look beautiful in the right setting

Now I know not everyone is into second hand clothing
but who could resist a beautifully hand knitted Aran cardigan
It is pure wool and is in perfect condition. Half price at $2.50 :)
Just a good wash in wool wash and it will be like new

A lovely softest pink tea cloth 90x90cms only .50cents

When I got an electric mixer many years ago,I threw out my hand beater
I really miss it,but find they are overpriced in the shops for such a basic item
I was lucky enough to find this one for $2 :)

My very favourite place to visit in Maldon Victoria is a little
cottage where every room is crammed full of vintage linen and lace
Every thing from Christening gowns to nighties and quilts
It is Heavenly for someone like me.
I couldn't afford to buy much,but was in seventh Heaven just 
looking and touching it all.
I did manage to purchase 5 mtrs of beautiful cotton lace
which I will use on the pillow cases I make.

Well that's the fix I so needed
A relaxing holiday and beautiful treasures to bring home.

I have just been washing and drying them, which gives me equally as much pleasure.

Until next time 
Happy Hunting
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xx jeanetteann

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A sneaky peaky at my new book

My new book called Jessica's Garden
will be released later this year
It is a children's book
I thought I would show you a few of the 
lovely illustrations from the book

They were beautifully done by KJ Illustrations
situated in the USA
facebook page.

 I am so pleased with them
I will show you more as time passes

Jessica's Garden will be published by 
Strategic Book Publishers

The website for my first book
pictured below is

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xx jeanetteann


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Indian Summer in Autumn & thrifty find & peak at house repairs

I think someone would have made this lovely little wall planter
Maybe at a pottery class
I think it is so nice.
I put a little bottle inside filled with water and a rose.
I think it could be used for planting something nice too.
It cost me $3 at Vinnies

We moved the Chinese Lantern tree from here as it suddenly 
started to die off.
We have given it a good prune and moved it to a more sheltered spot
We replaced it with another Hibiscus.
which is very different from our other 5
I think it's going to look amazing,withe the 2 new Salvias
behind the birdbath

Can you believe it's Autumn here in South Australia
and the temps are up in the high 20's and today 31 degrees
An Indian Summer means a very cold Winter ahead.

The Spring bulbs are coming up already. The garden
doesn't know what time of year it is. They think it's Spring.

like the Hibiscus and holly hocks still blooming

This Hibiscus starts off cream,then turns to apricot,then pink
It's very pretty

This one looks quite tropical
It was given to us by my cousin who was visiting from England
a few years ago. She has since passed from this life,so I call it Thelma's 
Hibiscus,as it reminds me of her,my dear cus. Happy and colourful

This one blooms profusely most of the year and is getting quite big.

Bali Sunset
a reminder of exotic holidays

This one is a very good flowerer too,covered in blooms most of the year

I love the pink Hollyhocks

We had a salt damp treatment on our house last year
After drying out we are now about to get the replastering done
It's a messy business inside and out.
The skirting boards had to come off. Hubby spent all day
getting just 2 walls of them removed
They were the original one's and our home is over 100yrs old
The nails were nearly a foot long.
I would like to have kept the nails,but they got all bent.
Hubby sanded down all the skirtings and is going to paint them
before putting them back
The plasterers will be here tomorrow and we have to wait
6 weeks before painting.
Lucky we are going on holidays for 2 of those weeks

The kitchen/dining room is a bit of a mess.
I don't mind living with it for a while, just to get it all finished
before we get too old to be bothered,or capable.

I hope you all are having a lovely pleasure filled week

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xx jeanetteann

Friday, May 3, 2013

The garden is still producing in Autumn and table centrepiece

I changed the table centrepiece,using my new Ikea pots today,
faux lavender and a few other silk flowers including
some dried hydrangeas from the garden

I think I've changed my mind and prefer the white lace cloth
Less busy


I am still picking roses from the garden, even though it's Autumn
The weather has been so nice. 

The garden doesn't know it's Autumn,
it's too warm.
 I don't mind,as the next pictures show,the blooms keep coming.

We are going out tomorrow to get 2 more climbing roses

We have an old Cecile Brunner which is getting too big for our little
garden,so it has to go. We will replace it with an old fashioned
more gentle rose. I'm not sure which one yet.

We also have a beautiful large yellow rose which we planted 
next to the pergola.
 It was supposed to be a climber
It's been in 5 yrs and hasn't climbed yet. I think they had the wrong 
name on it.

So that has to also be moved. It's so pretty though,so we will put it somewhere else.

Lots of time in the garden this weekend. Love it.

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xx  jeanetteann