Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fresh new look for 2014

I love Christmas and all the decorations,but as it is so hot here
I just couldn't cope with all the red any longer.

So out came the whites and pinks again.
My frilled table cloth got all screwed up in the linen cupboard,but I'm sure
it will straighten itself out as it hangs there.
I can't face ironing all those frills again LOL

Nice soft pink tablecloth over the top
and lace over that again.
I love the layed look 

This little egg cup,spoon and salt pot,was given to me as a gift
It goes so well with my other rosey pieces

this delightful little measuring spoon set,another gift. I love it.
I think the knob on my spice cupboard needs a polish,it is actually brass.
This cupboard used to be in the bathroom and had a mirror on the door.

I removed the mirror and stuck labels all over the door,and put it on the kitchen wall
for a spice cupboard. It works so well with it's tiny shelves 

Happy New Year 
I hope you all have a blessed,healthy happy 2014

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xx jeanetteann


Merlesworld said...

Happy new year.
I love your measuring spoons mine are plastic and no where near as fancy.

Susan said...

Hello Jeanetteann....Ohhhh, delicate and lovely look on your table. Don't you just adore lacey things? Soooo pretty.

May your new year bring you many blessings. Susan


Happy New Year!!!
Yes, I am ready to go back to my normal house as I like it too...with less red, lol! Love your pretty whites for 2014!

Kays Kids said...

Jeanette Anne, I am like you, with all the heat I needed my decorations to be put away.I felt like I was too cluttered in the hot.
Cool change coming tonight I hope.
Love your beautiful measuring spoons.
Hugs Kay

Brandi said...

Such a beautiful display. Your tablecloth is so pretty and feminine. Wishing you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!!

Alessandra said...

Your tablecloth looks so romantic and your porcelain is very romantic.

Jacqueline said...

Your ruffled cloth is wonderful! I have been wanting to make one for myself for so long! Maybe in 2014, right? Everything is so pretty and feminine. What fun little sets. I have some measuring spoons like those and I always reach for them first!
Have a wonderful New Year!
Yes, I hope you enjoy Costco. I don't know if you can order online, but those fun peppermint stirrers can all be found on Good luck!

Marlene Plasencia said...

Oh Jeannette, loving your lines and the porcelain is just precious. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Terri said...

Oh my Jeannette, those are sweet rosey dishes! The pattern is so dainty and romantic on all of them. I love all your lacey linens as well. They all look really good together.
It is hard to hold on to Christmas when it is hot outside. Whites and pinks are much more suited : )