Thursday, January 31, 2013

How I made a cloche

I have wanted a cloche like I see all around blogland,for so long,
but they are quite expensive.

So I decided to make one,or two.
I had a candle votive and vase just hanging around.

For the top,I thought,why not use what I already had,
like this silver sugar bowl top (I don't know what happened to the bottom)
Probably through it out in a clean up fit/ LOL

I just turned the votive upside down and glued on the lid with super glue

Then did the same with the vase,but
glued on a crystal knob

Not bad hey (although my hubby thinks it looks like a jar)
No accounting for the male taste :)

This one looks pretty in my bedroom,
even if I say so myself :)

I am joining up with my usual linky parties this week
Links on my side bar.
 They are such fun seeing what others are
doing in blogland,and I get so much inspiration from them.

I was also invited to join Google Plus and not being that great on computer
was a little afraid, until this week, when I actually did it.

One step nearer to being a computer whiz, ha ha, as if that will ever happen

See you at the parties
xx jeanetteann


Shabby chic Sandy said...

How inventive you are--these cloches look great! I haven't done the Google Plus yet...I am not a computer whiz either!

Alessandra said...

Great idea!!!Your cloches are very beautiful. I like in particular the one in your bedroom... very pretty as you said!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Jeanetteann,
I really like your cloches, especially the silver-topped one. I love seeing objects around the home used in a creative way. Great job, my friend! Thank you for sharing this at my HOME party and enjoy your weekend.