Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anniversary cake and dream catcher

We celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary this week.
I have been worrying whether I should attempt to make the cake or not
We are having a family dinner out at our favourite Italian Ristorante.
Sooooo,I am taking the cake.  I wasn't sure that it would be nice enough
to take, but I played around for weeks with so much icing,I was about to give up
and buy one.
You know how you talk yourself out and then into things
Well that's what I kept doing,until this week,only a couple of days until the dinner,
and too late to order one,I made a heart shape butter cake.
I wasn't sure whether to use the roses I had made or the purchased ones

These are the ones I made from Royal icing.

So I got to decorating and within an hour it was done.
All that worry and it just fell into place.
I put the ones I made on the cake and the bought ones around the edge.
I'm not very good at the iced writing,so stuck on some I cut off a 50cent card.

I think it's really come out all right.

Now I wanted to make a Dream Catcher which seems to be all over Blogland at the moment.

My friend Sandy at For the Love of White blog
posted a tutorial of some she had made.
I haven't had time to shop for a hoop yet but had a pair of plastic bag handles
 in my stash of bits and bobs

I thought I could practice with those.  They are only small but still a hoop.
This is my first attempt which I got a bit confused with the middle spider web

This is my second attempt.  I think I need lots more practice when I get a bigger hoop.

I still quite like these though,even though they aren't perfect,I can't quite get the 
spider web middle right.

I think this one might just be a little too tissy,  but it's fun playing with the different looks.

I think it looks better on my bedroom curtains

A little vignette for Fresh cut Friday
Sweet little roses from my garden.
I so love the soft pink

I am joining my friends at my weekly blog parties
Links to these are on my side bar.
Happy Week 
xx jeanetteann


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Such a fun post! I love your cake--it turned out beautifully! Congrats on 50 years--that is quite a accomplishment.

Your dreamcatchers are pretty! I think the web is pretty. Maybe to get a better hole in the middle you should just stop a little sooner and tie off. I love all the lace. Very pretty!

Those pale pink roses are gorgeous! I am picking the very last of my roses right now before they go to sleep for the winter.

Kays Kids said...

Your cake is delightful. It certainly is better than any bought one, when it is made by your loving hands.
I love the delicate pink of your roses. I have picked my first ones this week.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Jeanette the cake is stunning! and your blog is just delightful. I am very much looking forward to stopping by again and looking at some more of your posts.
Thanks for calling by and visiting me.

Alessandra said...

Congratulations!!!The cake is so delicious and your creations are fantastic.

Ana said...

Happy Anniversary Jeanetteann. The cake turned out beautifully. I bet it tasted as good as it looked too. Great job. Wishing you all the best...Oh, and those dream catchers are just dreamy :-)

Hugs and Kisses,

Linda Primmer said...

Happy Anniversary. The cake is gorgeous! You are so creative. I love the dream catchers.

20 North Ora said...

Your cake turned out beautifully! You did a great job. Love your dream catcher - it is so delicate and dainty looking.



Stylish Kylie said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. What a milestone.
Kylie x

Maria said...

Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! The cake looks gorgeous and i think that you are very clever making those icing roses...they look superb!

Shelia said...

Happy Anniversary Jeanetteann! 50 years is a marvelous adventure! Your cake looks so pretty!
Thank you for your kinds words to me today.
You are a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Barb said...

Hi Jeanetteann....Congrats on your special!!
Your cake is are a clever lady to be able to decorate like this.
How nice to go to a favourite place on your special day.
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! The cake is stunning and your dream catchers are just beautiful with all the lace :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I am now following you (I don't know why I didn't become a follower last time I was here) and I look forward to your future posts :)


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Lovely job on all counts!!! A big congratulations on your anniversary! WOW! Your roses are perfection. So so lovely.

Jann Olson said...

Jeanetteann, you did a fabulous job on the cake. I adore your sweet roses. Both the ones on the cake and the beauties from your garden. I think the web part of the dream catcher does look a bit difficult to make. I think yu'll have it perfected in no time. Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing with SYC.

~ Liz ~ said...

Jeanetteann, I'm impressed by your talent with the roses and I love the way you have them placed down the center. What a good idea to cut the words out. I always have a hard time doing words with icing too. I'll have to remember this. I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary. Congratulations on making it work for 50 years. That's wonderful!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary....sorry it's late! Hope you had a lovely day and many more anniversaries to come. xx