Saturday, August 4, 2012

Serenity and Posie's new clothes

I still have a few dolls who needed to be dressed.
My daughter made 2 dolls at a doll class we both took a few years ago.
I had dressed Serenity in baby clothes at the time which were too big,but I didn't have enough time to make the proper ones.

Today I was in the mood to start, finally.
I collected the patterns together and cut them out.
The picture on the right is Serenity. He is wearing a little shirt and overalls.
I cut out a vintage looking dress at the same time.
I thought while I am in the mood,why not.
I haven't a doll to fit the dress,but I'll see what it looks like when its done.
and maybe try and find a doll to suit.

This is Serenity's shirt, I am using fabric from my stash, pale blue with little yellow ducks.

For the overalls, blue chambray 
I think he looks quite cute in them.
He has a very fat tummy,and I could hardly get them up over it.
Just needs his shirt to go with them.

Here he is in his new shirt and overalls
I made Sugar Britches, the doll next to him, at the same time Kerry Lee made Serenity.

I dressed her in a lace Christening gown.
I made it from a vintage Bridal train.
I still have to get her hair.
For now she can wear a bonnet

Doesn't he look so cute.

This is Posie,the other doll, Kerry Lee made

I dressed her at the time, but she still needed her hair
After about 5 yrs without any,I finally bought her a Shirley Temple wig.

I had lost one of her eyelashes too,so she got some new ones.
I can't believe the difference the hair makes.

After all she is a little girl,and she has been wearing a baby bonnet.
Even Ted is impressed.  He got his new pants last week,when I was in the knitting mood.

I think her eyelashes are a bit long,but I don't think I dare attempt to  cut them.

Well back to the sewing room, I am enjoying catching up on so many unfinished projects.
I have so much I want to do.
xx jeanetteann

I am visiting a few parties this week

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Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oh your dolls are so sweet! I love the new clothes you made. Those darling babies that look real are just precious!

Alessandra said...

Dear Jeanetteann, your style to dress the dolls is very lovely.

Bev said...

You have a beautiful blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheery wave from Bev

The Porcelain Rose said...

Oh! my! Aren't they just as sweet as can be!!
I love their little faces. And.... the clothes you make! Very special!
Luv, Luv,

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Oh, they are just so precious!!! I love their little faces, and the cloths you make are just beautiful! The blue fabric with the duckies is just perfect!

Barb said...

Hi Jeanetteann,
How busy you have been. All the little ones look beautiful.
Have a good day
Barb from Australia

chateau chic said...

Your dolls are so adorable! Thank you so much for stopping by, Mary Alice

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

The clothes you made are great. I love Ted. He really is checking out her new hair :) So cute!

Sherry said...

What cute dolls. You dressed them very nicely. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

Shelley said...

Beautiful dolls and what a great job you did on their outfits. Wish I had just a bit of your talent :) Blessings

Jody and Stan said...

Your dolls are so sweet!


Jody and Stan said...

Your dolls are so sweet!


Johanna said...

Hi Jeanetteann,
your new babies are so cute and artful made. The little faces are so natural. And I love how you dressed them. You are a good mother!
Best greetings, Johanna

~ Liz ~ said...

You bring them to life. The one with the Shirley Temple wig sure looks real. I agree with you about time. There are so many things we could spend our time on and there just isn't enough of it to go around for all the great projects we have on our list, is there? I hope you are able to get to more of your projects because you certainly are getting beautiful results.

Ana said...

How very sweet! Your dolly clothes turned out soooo cute. Did you know that making doll clothes is one of my favorite things? They are just so much fun. Wishing you a beautiful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have some dolls that look like they could be cousins to yours! I love them all! And it is fun to sew for them. I'm enjoying visiting your wonderful blog!