Monday, March 7, 2011


I was wondering what I could make for dinner for a change and came across this recipe in my old cookbook which I had forgotten about, you know how it is, you make a nice recipe and then down the track can't remember which cookery book you got it from.  Well here it is and it's delish

11/2cups sunflower seeds
3/4cup sesame seeds
1cup walnuts
315g(10oz)can soy beans ( I cook my own from the dried stage) in this case I substituted them with cannalini.
1large carrot grated
1large onion chopped finely
1stick celery chopped finely
1tsp mixed herbs
3tbls chopped parsley
2 eggs
2tbls oil
2tbls cider vinegar
Place sunflower, seseme seeds and walnuts into blender and blitz until fine.
Transfer mix to a large bowl together with well drained beans and everything else. Mix well with hands and then press into a greased loaf pan
Cook in moderate oven for 1hour until firm to the touch and edges are golden brown.  Allow to cool then turn out of tin, serve hot or cold.  Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Hooray, and I happen to be a vegetarian! Thanks Jeanetteann. Can't wait to try it, looks scrumptious! x

Anonymous said...

it sounds & looks divine. I'll be trying it out this weekend!

veggiegobbler said...

Mmm that looks good. I'm always doing that too - searching through cookbooks trying to remember where the recipe is. I have too many cookbooks.