Saturday, January 29, 2011

I made a killing today

We have suspected we might have a mouse in the house for some time as the house next door has been empty for eighteen months.  Yesterday we bought mousetraps and placed them in front of the stove. 

While I was playing with my Christmas present ( a ribbon and lace dying kit ) the trap went off.  My husband is rather squeemish when it comes to emptying a trap so yours truly had to do the honours.  Lucky I didn't throw away the mouse still in the trap because I reset it and within three hours had caught three and they were all babies.  I bet their mother told them not to go near Mrs O'Donnells kitchen, but did they listen, no.  I wonder if mother will come looking for them when she has finished her sewing.


Anonymous said...

My husband is HOPELESS when it comes to mice. He's petrified. Big wuss! I had to chase the last one while he was practically standing on the chair. Hope you don't have any more.
Megs :)

{ Vintage by LOU LOU } said...

I once tried to capture mice in ethical mouse traps....which worked but defeated the purpose when one day in the event of rehoming a mouse it dropped out of the trap and I accidently stood on it. Yikes!

jeanetteann said...

uh yuk Lou I would never set a trap again. glad my husban is not the only wussy one Meg