Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today I started thinking about decorating the house for Christmas and thought I would go right over the top this year, so I pulled all the decorations I have out of the shed only to find I really need more. Next week I am going to trail the op shops for hidden Christmas treasures, although I did manage to get a Cristmas Angel yesterday for 99cents and while on holidays, a huge packet of Christmas crackers for $1.

While in the Christmas mood I decided to make mince pies but first make the mince meat.  Oh well while I'm at it may as well make bread, biscuits and cakes to fill the freezer.  Soooooo enjoy baking.
 Also cooked a chicken at the same time while the oven was hot.
A quick easy way to cook a chicken is 10mins in the microwave, then another 10mins, then 10-15mins in a hot oven to brown.

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Anonymous said...

wow! your cooking looks awesome. I cant wait to get into the kitchen myself! Enjoy!