Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am back from two beautifully relaxing weeks touring the Southern Highlands of NSW and further south to finish up for a few days in the SA Riverland town of Renmark on the Murray River and it was all just lovely.

The scenery and wild life was amazing, we hand fed a Magpie who adopted us at Eden and the Koalas were feeding in the trees in Renmark, The ducks and their ducklings came daily for a few crumbs and the most amazing sight was at the Alexandra Lake at Mittagong where a mother duck sat in her nest on a branch in the water while her mate brought twigs and poked them into the nest.  Sitting on the same branch and straw was a family of turtles. We were totally mesmerised.  On Simones Beach Vintage blog some time ago she told us how she and her daughter collected heart shaped pebbles on the beach, well I found one then anothe at Eden beach and then got hooked and couldn't stop, even my husband became involved and the picture tells the story. The fish painting I just had to photograph it was so unusual, in a cafe at Tathra.

On our return I couldn't believe how much the garden had blossomed, we did lose a few flowers but the ones that did survive really bloomed.  I didn't have these little yellow iris last year only purple one's so they must have enjoyed being left alone instead of being fussed over. I must remember not to kill them with kindness next year and the roses were lovely.  The vegs survived and welcomed the lovely soft rain that fell the day of our return.

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