Monday, September 6, 2010

my inspiration

I am totally hooked on the uk tv programme The edible garden with Alys Fowler. I first discovered her on Gardeners World and was mesmerised by this gorgeous redheaded bundle of enthusiasm. I can't wait for Saturdays to come around so I can watch this lovely programme. I was born in the town where Alys lives in her Victorian terrace. She has turned her ornamental garden into an edible one and has a couple of chickens called Alys and Gertrude which she just loves to bits and talks to them like they were her children, she feeds them by hand with strawberries and goodies grown in her garden. Her little dog Isy (short for Isabelle) looks on.
It is a programme that shouldn't be missed, if like me you love to garden sustainably.
When it is too wet to be out in her garden she is in the kitchen baking and making all sorts of things from the goodies she grows. Her last baking session was lavender biscuits which I can't wait to make when my lavender comes into flower.

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