Monday, August 16, 2010

recycling cosmetic jars

I felt like playing today and as I had some little cosmetic jars I couldn't bare to throw out decided to turn them into pin holders. First remove the lids, gather together your materials eg vintage fabric scrap, wadding, glue, scissors.
Cut circles of wadding to fit the top of the lids, glue in place. Cut circles of fabric to fit over the wadding and with needle and thread run a stitch around the circles, pull up to fit over the lid and pull gathering threads up to hold the fabric in place. secure with a few stitches. Cut a piece of braid to fit around the lid rim and glue. Next cut a piece of fabric to fit around the jar itself with enough fabric to hang over the bottom, glue inplace around jar, snip at intervals around base of overhanging fabric and fold over the base of the jar glueing as you go..Let the glue dry before replacing the lids.

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