Monday, March 29, 2010

Since November the weather here in this state of Australia has been so so hot,dry and very uncomfortable to say the least and because we have been on water restrictions for so long our pride and joy, our little garden has really suffered.
we have collected every drop of water we could, even the water from cleaning our teeth This has meant the difference between our plants surviving or not.
I sat in the sunroom today and marveled at how beautiful the garden looked. The weather has cooled to a perfect mid 20's and it rained beautiful rain all day sunday. Everything that had hung in there even the vegs came to life before our eyes. I have posted some pics of the lovely sight. I now know what plants and flowers will survive in our harsh climate and I will be collecting seeds from them for next years plantings like the amaranthus which I collected last year and the pics show they have put on a lovely display. I made the tablecloth and cushions for the outside table and bench from a spare 3 mtrs of fabric I had in my stash I am very pleased with the look. Hope you like it too, enjoy xx jeanettann.

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