Monday, March 24, 2014

For the love of lace

Who wouldn't love this beautiful 100yrs old gown
It was given to me by someone who knows how much
I love Christening Gowns and the history behind each one 

This one was hand stitched from lots of oddments of lace with 
an underskirt of very fine cotton
I made the bonnet to match as closely as I could
My Kader doll looks so nice dressed for her Christening

Look at this old cotton lace,layers of it and even though each
piece doesn't match,somehow that's what gives it it's charm

Just look at those hand stitched pin tucks,lots of them

Even on the sleeve.

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xx jeanetteann

Monday, March 17, 2014

Love my new bunny

Look at the eyes on my new bunny and she is glittered all over
I found her this week at Neds and just had to bring her home
to be the mother of my other babies.

The little birdies just had to join in too to show off their oversize

All of the other bunnies came hopping out of the cupboard
when they saw all the excitement.
They couldn't believe the fuss over the new arrival

Mrs Bunnykins was so bright eyed and bushy tailed 
to see such

She gathered her new brood around her and became such an 
attentive mother

I could just kiss her pretty face
she is so sweet and when the light shines on her fur she 

I collected these sea urchin shells when on holiday at 
Cabowie on the Peninsula a few years ago
 I thought they looked all Eastery too. 

Have you started decorating for Easter yet?
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xx Jeanetteann

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Little blue cows and one little piglet

There is something about cow creamers that appeal so much to 
a lot of people.
One of those is a dear blogger, Shelia from Note Songs
I promised Shelia (also a collector of cow creamers)
that I would post my collection
Pop over to Note Songs and check out Shelia's pretty collection

Although mine are all blue and white,I plan expanding to others when 
I can find them. 

This pretty one is from Japan and has a windmill scene on one side
like most of them do,and flowers on this side

This little miss is heavier and made by Delph,also with a windmill

I love this little fella on the left,he's so cute,but not a creamer
He's a salt pot,but hey I don't mind that one bit. He fits in nicely
in my little farm yard.
His mama, I think is a lid off a butter dish. One day I will find her bottom
She doesn't seem to mind because she sits all the time.

The little farm yard is growing slowly but they are hard to find on my budget

 This little duo, is a salt and pepper,but cute too

Little fat piglet joins the group,and a pepper pot too.

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I do wish the Summer heat would go away,I am so over Summer

Autumn will be very welcome
xx jeanetteann

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My beautiful Granddaughter and escort off to the school formal

My beautiful Granddaughter Jessica with her handsome escort going to the School formal

My heart is pounding with pride. Where have the years gone?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spinach and ricotta pie for lunch

I found this recipe on Pinterest
I think it's so pretty.
I forgot to take a photo after it was baked,so it looks a little pale here

It's an Italian recipe and I call it an Italian Sunburst 

The recipe is so easy 

500grms flour
200mls warm white wine (I found I needed more than this so just keep adding as needed)
90mls extra virgin olive oil(I also added a little more oil)
2 tspns salt
Bring it all together into a dough
Wrap in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 30mins
Meanwhile  cook a large bunch spinach until tender
Drain and squeeze out most moisture, cool
Mix with 350grms ricotta cheese and 1 egg
then 100grms of tasty cheese grated pecorino or similar
Salt and pepper
breadcrumbs (optional)

Divide dough into 2 and roll each out into 30cm circles
Place 1st one on a baking paper sheet Sprinkle on some breadcrumbs
then add stuffing,as follows
A little mound in the centre and leaving a space around this,
place a circle of filling leaving a little space around the edge.
Wet around the edge with water.
Place the second piece of dough on top
Press an upside cup over the centre and press all around the cup with a fork to form a pattern
then remove the cup

Press the dough all around and over the second circle of filling
Trim the edges and decorate with a fork
Cut into slices all around as in picture,then twist each one over on its side.
as in picture
Brush with egg and transfer to a baking tray and bake
in a moderate oven until golden and base cooked well.

We had friends for lunch and teamed the pie with
a nice crisp salad and salmon mornay

I set the table with a pink,shabby chic look
Plain pink and pink with rosebuds napkins
and fresh rose buds in a little vase

I made the napkin rings out of white fabric creating  a rose on top

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I hope you are having a nice week
xx jeanetteann